At 11, he unmasked reiki and became the youngest person to publish research in a medical journal.

Many years ago, a King lived too concerned with his wardrobe and appearance. One day, browsing Instagram, he read that two influencers They had found the softest, coolest and most wonderful outfit in the world. His little kingdom's annual parade was in a few weeks and he didn't think twice: "I want it."

The influencers They were the famous Farabutto brothers and, for those who do not know them, I will say no, they did not have that costume. But at the king's request, they wanted to make money and convinced him that the cloth was so special that it was invisible to the stupid or incapable. And if the Farabuttos said that, let's see who was against them. They called themselves the "Elon Musk" of haute couture.

They were, in any case, a Musk like this. On the day of the parade, the king took to the streets as his mother had brought him into the world, and no one dared say it. Everyone was afraid that their neighbors would think they were useless. Until, almost at the end of the day, the procession came across a boy who started laughing and said: "The King is naked!"

Andersen said that sometimes you just need that: the mind of a child. And that's what I wanted to talk about today, about the mind of a girl. It was 1996, her name was Emily Rosa and with her "The King is naked!" He became the youngest person ever to appear in a top-tier medical journal.

A project of a science fair

It all started by chance (or, at least, that's what history tells us). One day in 1996, Emily Rosa saw a video dedicated to Therapeutic Touch (a version of reiki developed in the 70s). In the video, its creator, Dolores Krieger, explained how she was able to feel the "human energy field". In his own words, that field was something "warm as jelly." That impressed little Emily Rosa.

The Colorado Science Fair was approaching and she decided that her project would be devoted to seeing if Therapeutic Touch practitioners "really could feel something." Emily devised a very simple experiment: she would sit across from the therapists at a table. They would be separated by an opaque screen with two holes.

Therapists would have to place their hands, covered by a towel, on them. Emily would place her hand on one of the therapists' hands without touching them. To decide the random hand tossed a coin. TT specialists would only have to say which limb Emily had put her hand on. They could take as long as they wanted.

The King is naked

He performed 280 tests on 21 Therapeutic Touch specialists and they only chose the correct option 44% of the time. That is, the techniques for perceiving human energy made it slightly worse than if the responses had been chosen at random.

It is not what is called a tremendously solid experiment: his mother was an activist of the skeptical movement and the number of participants was very small, but it did not need more. It was evident that the emperor was naked and in what way.

With the help of her parents, Emily Rosa sent the work to JAMA one of the most prestigious scientific journals in the world. It was published in 1998, making him the youngest person to publish a medical study. Next Sunday is "International Day of Women and Girls in Science", although any day is good to remember that science is a girl's game.

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