3G or Wi-Fi on the mobile phone? Both

The near future of wireless telecommunications will be secure based on these technologies. The operators have bet heavily on the deployment of expensive 3G networks, but Wi-Fi has managed to gain a foothold as a method of connecting to the Internet in addition to setting up local networks. Given the uncertainty of this dichotomy, NTT DoCoMo has decided that its new model N900iL support both technologies. In this way, with the N900iL you can have conversations through IP Voice, access the Internet and receive and answer e-mail, with the exception that when using Wi-Fi this will be much cheaper than when you "pull" a 3G connection. To get an idea, a 3G connection in Spain is around 0.5 euros, being limited to 10 minutes and the amount of information downloaded. On the other hand, if we are in the area of ​​a Wi-Fi network with Internet access that we have permission to access - think of an office, an airport, a hotel or a citizen network - that connection time can be free or what the provider rates, surely much less. Of course, Wi-Fi networks will have to overcome several legal and security pitfalls to establish themselves as a credible alternative to 3G, but I would bet that the future of mobile communications will be dual.

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