3M already has a simple solution ready to have 3D on mobile phones

The manufacturer 3M already has a new affordable and simple technology ready to bring the three dimensions to the screens of mobile phones without the need to use special glasses.

The optical film that 3M has created would be placed in the backlight part of the LCD screens and three-dimensional images would be achieved with a refresh rate of 120 Hz. The interesting thing about this new development is that the screens can continue to be manufactured in the traditional way , and you only have to change the part that 3M has developed again. Thus, the cost does not have to rise.

The secret of the new layer that 3M adds to the screens is that they incorporate directional backlight, which allows images to be sent to both eyes separately, managing to bring the full resolution of the screen to each of them.

The next step we hope will be the incorporation of the same 3M technology but to larger panels like those of televisions. 3D cinema comes at full speed and needs the rest of the game elements to be ready.

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