51 technological gifts for the invisible friend and Christmas for less than 15 euros (2019)

Although technically it is not yet Christmas, a glance at the windows and streets shows that we have it just around the corner. Dates to meet, celebrate and also give gifts. Some large, but others smaller.

Whether you do not want to spend too much or have a budget cap, in our shopping guide for technological gifts for less than 15 euros we offer you a good list of alternatives. Although the vast majority are technology, we have also reserved a small gap for products from the "Xataka universe", such as series, films and science fiction merchandise. Be careful because there are bargains and very attractive things.


Energy Music Box 1+

The Energy Music Box 1+ (14.36 euros) is a Bluetooth speaker that stands out for its versatility: in addition to connecting via Bluetooth with our devices to listen to music or answer calls, it has a radio, a 3.5 mm jack port and a slot for SD cards. It is compact and offers a 5W RMS.

Energy Music Box 1+ (Bluetooth v4.1, 5 W, microSD MP3, FM Radio, Audio-In) - Sky

Today on Amazon for € 14.90

Philips Bass + SHL3175BK helmets

In this price range it is possible to aim for helmets of an acceptable quality, such as the Philips Bass + (14.99 euros). These are wired headphones and an over ear microphone. They are light and foldable, with a very well-designed design for the 14.99 euros they cost.

Philips Bass + SHL3175BK - Headphones with Microphone, Cable, Powerful Bass, Foldable, Light and Elegant, Black

Today on Amazon for € 14.99

Mpow S3

Although we have to resort to less known brands such as these MPow S3 (14.44 euros), we can also find Bluetooth models. This model has a certain sporting vocation thanks to details such as the IPX6 certification to withstand rain or sweat and its magnetic system to form a necklace and not lose them. They offer noise cancellation and are used to take calls.

Mpow Sport Bluetooth Headphones, Flame Wireless Running IPX7 Waterproof V4.1 In-Ear Helmets, Running with Microphone, Noise Canceling CVC 6.0 Gym, Travel, Sport for iPhone Android

Today on Amazon for € 21.99

Logitech Z120 desktop speakers

Simple, compact and powered by USB (no need to connect to the power), the Logitech Z120 (11 euros) are a minimalist solution to reproduce the sound of your computer. Of course, its average power is 1.2W.

Logitech Z120, Compact USB Powered Stereo Speakers

Today on Amazon for € 13.94

WOXTER Mic Studio Black Microphone

With vintage aesthetics, the WOXTER Mic Studio Black (€ 11.99) is a well-designed condenser microphone to minimize noise valid for recording, online gaming and video conferencing. Comes with adjustable tripod and 3.5mm jack input.

WOXTER Mic Studio Black - Professional Computer Condenser Microphone. Input: 3.5mm, V / H tilt adjustable tripod, black color

Today on Amazon for € 16.99

Mobile accessories

CHOETECH Wireless Charger

A simple and practical gift: a wireless charger for those terminals compatible with the Qi charging standard. This is very thin and minimalist, reaches 10W and has an LED indicator to notify us when charging is complete.

CHOETECH Wireless Fast Charger Qi Wireless Charger 7.5W for iPhone 11 / 11Pro / 11ProMax / XSMAX / XR / X / 8Plus, 10W Quick Charge SamsungNote 10/10 + / 9 / S10 / S9 / S8 + / S8 / Huawei P30Pro, 5W Airpods2 and Plus

Today on Amazon for € 11.04

AmazonBasics wall charger

Another device with little glamor but tremendously useful for the technological people who travel: a wall charger with 4 ports. And is that in hotels, plugs are almost an endangered species. It is available in black and white, it has 4 jacks capable of supplying up to 2.4 Amps. Simple and functional.

AmazonBasics - 4-Port 40W Black USB Wall Charger

Today on Amazon for € 21.29

Phinistec mobile tripod

For fans of mobilization, a mobile tripod is a very useful accessory. This also has the peculiarity of also serving for action cameras and comes with a trigger, so that it not only serves to hold the phone at a certain height and position, but we can operate the camera remotely.

Phinistec Mini Tabletop Mobile Tripod for Smartphone, Gopro, iPhone with Universal Mobile Adapter and Gopro Adapter and Bluetooth Remote Control

Today on Amazon for € 14.99

Power bank Anker Astro E1

A power bank doesn't hurt either. This one from Anker is quite simple, but it has the advantage of being small, because the space in suitcases and bags is important. With 5200 mAh capacity and a maximum supply of 2 Amps.

Anker Power Bank Astro E1 5200mAh Ultra compact portable charger External battery with PowerIQ technology

Today on Amazon for € 14.99

UGREEN Car Holder

There are many supports to leave the mobile in the car and of many types, but this is simple, effective and is valid for any phone thanks to its clamp system that also rotates to make it easier to adjust. It is fixed on the ventilation grille of the car dashboard. This model allows 360 degree rotation and is adjustable for all types of terminals. On Amazon for 9.99 euros.

UGREEN 30283 - Mobile Car Holder, Air Outlets

Today on Amazon for € 8.19


SanDisk Ultra Dual m3.0

A memory never hurts, but this also has the particularity of having a socket with USB 3.0 and another with USB-C, which allows us to connect it to devices with this port. Includes device management software. A solvent model of a well-known brand for a most useful gift.

SanDisk Ultra Dual m3.0 64GB USB Flash Drive with USB 3.0 and up to 150MB / s

RRP at Amazon € 11.30

Trust Muto

Because some gifts say more than many words, the Trust Muto (12.99 euros) is a silent keyboard, very interesting if you share space with someone who hammers you with his "taca taca" (special mention for lovers of mechanical keyboards) . With good finishes, flat and rounded keys and a 1.5 meter cable.

Trust Muto Black Spanish Qwerty Silent Keyboard

Today on Amazon for € 12.99

HP 200 Wireless Mouse

Compact, well-designed and ergonomic, the HP 200 Wireless Optical Mouse (€ 11) offers 1000DPI and is suitable for both right-handed and left-handed users. It is battery operated and paired via the 2.4 GHz wireless connection.

HP 200 RF Wireless Optical 1000DPI Ambidextrous Black - Mouse (Ambidextrous, Optical, RF Wireless, 1000 dpi, Black)

Today on Amazon for € 10.38

Mars Gaming Hades MKHA0

Although it is usual for gaming keyboards to easily exceed our budget, the Mars Gaming Hades MKHA0 (8.16 euros) offers some features to play at a very contained price: its keys offer an ultra-fast response, they are high, with good finishes and removable and features white LED lighting as well as anti-ghosting. With metal base and gold-plated USB port.

Mars Gaming MKHA0 - PC gaming keyboard (ultra-fast response, white LED lighting, anti-ghosting, raised and removable keys, metal base, USB gold), black

Today on Amazon for € 4.90 RRP in PcComponentes € 8.16

THE G-LAB Kult Helium gaming mouse

Very good value for money that of this G-LAB mouse (14.99 euros), very light, fast and precise with a clear vocation for gaming. With optical sensor, 800 to 2400 DPI, seven-color backlight and six customizable buttons

Amazonbasics laptop sleeve

Available in three colors and three sizes, this AmazonBasics case (9.49 euros) combines neoprene protection with a very attractive urban design. Light and with good finishes.

AmazonBasics Gray 33.78cm Urban Laptop Sleeve

Today on Amazon for € 7.26

Table games


Virus (14.95 euros) is a fast, simple and contagious game ... because that is precisely the mission: to infect the rest of the players. The games are fast and you can play from 2 to 6 players.

Tranjis Games - Virus! - Card game (TRG-01vir)

Price in Zacatrus € 13.46 RRP on Amazon € 14.95


Another quick game is Coup (14.95 euros) and this time it can also be deadly, since you have to kill the rest of the players following a strategy that involves many lies. A social game and easy to learn.


Another quick and easy game is Poc! (11.95 euros) and this time large chips are used that we will have to throw inside a box. Very agile and complete, also highly recommended to have a good time with family and friends.

Tranjis Games - POC! - Board game (TRG-014poc)

Price in Zacatrus € 11.51 Price at Amazon € 14.95 Price at Carrefour € 17.47

Sushi Go!

Sushi Go! (9.50 euros) is a card game that is very reminiscent of uncovered poker, but with the Japanese plate par excellence illustrating the cards. It costs to catch the rules and it helps to be a good strategist to achieve more points than anyone combining your cards.

Devir- Sushi Go Board Game, Multicolor, Miscellaneous (BGSUSHI)

RRP on Amazon € 9.50

Rubik's Cube

A classic that never goes out of style but taken a step further. If you like puzzles and it works with the usual cube, a good gift idea is to give way to a bigger cube or with another figure ... like this dodecahedron. A poisoned gift that hooks and despairs.

COOJA Megaminx Magic Cube, Dodecahedron Cube 3x3, Speed ​​Puzzle Cubes with Easy Turning

Today on Amazon for € 10.99


Smart plug

Within home automation we can find devices in this very useful price range such as the Meross smart plug (11 euros). It is a compact model, which measures energy consumption and is compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant and SmartThings, so you can activate or deactivate the device that is connected to it.

Smart Plug, Measures Consumption 16A 3680W Wi-Fi Smart Plug, with Remote Control. Compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant and SmartThings. Model MSS310.

Today on Amazon for € 13.99


A very functional "thief" thanks to its PowerCube design (10.99 euros). And it is that certain power strips take up a lot and due to the design of the plugs they do not allow us to take advantage of all their outlets. In this case it is a very compact cube with a comfortable distribution, both for home and for trips.

Allocacoc 1100GY / DEORPC PowerCube Original - 5 Outlet Power Strip, Color Gray, 250 V, Dark

Today on Amazon for € 16.95

Omeril smart bulbs kit

Although most of the popular brand smart bulbs are out of our budget, this Omeril kit (13.99 euros) straddling the smart and normal bulbs is very interesting: two units come, they are controlled from a remote control. distance and offer effects such as 12-color RGB lighting, dimming, modes and timing.

Colored LED Light Bulb (2 Pack), OMERIL RGBW E27 10W LED Light Bulb with Remote Control, Timing and Memory Function, 12 RGB Colors, Dimmable Ambient Light for Home, Decoration, Bar, Party, KTV

Today on Amazon for € 13.99

Zeon BB8 Star Wars Bottle Opener

A truly essential gadget: a simple bottle opener to enjoy beers and soft drinks in a glass bottle. Of course, with all the style of Star Wars, since its design is that of the BB8 robot, a detail for fans of the saga.

Zeon BB8 Star Wars Bottle Opener, White and Orange, 9x3.5x6.6 cm

Today on Amazon for € 12.99

Super mario lamp

For fans of the most famous plumber in the world, this fun question-block-shaped lamp (€ 14.11) that lights up in different colors. It has the official license from Nintendo, has a height of 10 centimeters and is powered by batteries

Super Mario Question Block Lamp, Multicolor

Today on Amazon for € 11.74

Mug of beer Game of Thrones

If you like beer and you like Game of Thrones ... and more specifically, the Stark family (is there someone who supports the Lannisters?), A good gift to toast to the new and well-deserved - spoiler alert - queen of the north.

Game of Thrones - Ceramic jug Stark design, black color (SD Toys SDTHBO02897) - Stark Ceramic Jug Of Game Of Thrones, Color, 10 X 12 X 14 cm (SDTHBO02897)

Today on Amazon for € 16.10

Joker Poster

Probably the sci-fi movie of the year, Joaquin Phoenix's Joker. If the person to give has gone to see it and has fallen in love with this film, an affordable gift idea is the official poster printed in high resolution.

Lionbeen Joker - Movie Poster - Movie Poster 70 X 45 cm. (Not A DVD)

Today on Amazon for € 11.99

Thermo Star Wars: The Last Jedi R2-D2

For those people who like to enjoy very warm coffees and teas while going to work, this hermetic and well insulated Star Wars thermos (9.99 euros), so that force and heat are with them.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi R2-D2 Travel Mug, Multicolor

Today on Amazon for € 11.90


Game of Thrones T-shirt

A 100% cotton, simple and minimalist t-shirt with the sketches of the protagonists of the series for fans. It is available in various sizes

DrMugCollection T-shirt Game of Thrones Faces (XXL)

Today on Amazon for € 11.00

Space Invaders socks

Quality socks with an iconic print for video game fans, the Martian of 'Space Invaders', a touch of joy for everyday life to look discreetly in both casual and groomed clothes. They are long and are available from size 36 to 45. For 6.83 euros at Kalcetin.es

DC Comics cufflinks

That you are able to pamper the detail wearing a suit to wear cufflinks ... and that these are from comic book heroes such as Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Spiderman, Phantom, etc. , has its point.

Ducomi Cuff Links Line superheroes Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Captain America, Iron Man, Star Trek, Star Wars, Thor, Spider-Man, Phantom, Spiderman Phantom

Today on Amazon for € 14.99

Pacman boxers

Another iconic print from one of the most legendary games of all time, 'Pacman' (6.50 euros), with a pretty cool design thanks to the colors and shapes of this boxer.

Boxer NoPublik Pacman - Unico - M

Today on Amazon for € 10.90

Video game

Starlink Battle for Atlas Starter Pack Nintendo Switch

A pack that includes the game and the figures in a space exploration adventure in which you will have to create your ship and improve your crew, a cooperative mission game.

Starlink: Battle for Atlas - Starter Pack

RRP at FNAC € 9.49 Today on Amazon for € 49.99

Just Cause 4 for Xbox One

'Just Cause 4' takes place in a conflictive and oppressed South America where you will have to lead the rebellion and endure extreme conditions giving life to the rebel agent Rico Rodríguez at the same time that you discover the truth about your family.

Just Cause 4

Today on Amazon for € 14.95

Codemasters DiRT Rally 2.0 for PC

There are also alternatives for PC, such as this 'Codemasters DiRT Rally 2.0' (14.95 euros), a driving title with SUVs and cars from all eras touring the most varied landscapes.

Codemasters - DiRT Rally 2.0 Day One Edition (PC)

Today on Amazon for € 14.95

The Last of us Hits - Version 14

A classic for PS4 for all users who have not been able to enjoy (or be terrified) in a decimated United States where you will have to survive infected and bandits.

The Last of us Hits - Version 14

Today on Amazon for € 18.99

Hitman 2

And from survival to become a hitman in another great success, this time for Xbox One with 'Hitman 2' (14.90 euros). Your mission? Always get the perfect crime in different missions.

Hitman 2 - Standard Edition

Today on Amazon for € 23.90

Accessories for consoles and gaming

Ardistel Blackfire BFX10 Helmets

These Ardistel gaming helmets (11.99 euros) are the most successful: with a good robust design, resistant and comfortable, padded, with microphone and cable to connect them to a 3.5 mm jack port.

Ardistel - Headset Blackfire BFX10 (PlayStation 4)

Today on Amazon for € 19.95

ECHTPower PS4 Controller Charger

A good way to save the controls of the play in a collected way at the same time that they are loaded. With LED indicator to notify us of how the battery status is progressing.

ECHTPower PS4 Controller Charger, USB Charging Station, Smart Protection with LED Indicator for Sony Playstation 4 / PS4 / PS4 Pro / PS4 DualShock Gamepad (New Model 2019)

Today on Amazon for € 15.99

Nintendo Switch Lite Set Accessories

If you have just bought a Nintendo Switch Lite and want to enjoy the new console of the Japanese firm in mobility, what better way to do it in all security: with an original hard case and a screen protector for Nintendo.

Nintendo Switch Lite Set Accessories (Case + LCD protector)

Today on Amazon for € 22.70


Gaming accessories are usually expensive, but we can also afford a large, quality mat like this, the HP OMEN 100 (€ 9.59). Premium design and dimensions of 36 x 30 x 0.4 centimeters to use the mouse comfortably.

HP OMEN 100 - Mouse Pad (Black, 360mm x 300mm x 4mm)

Today on Amazon for € 9.59


A most functional gadget for Nintendo Switch because it is three in one: an accessory to mount a controller with the Joy-Con together or separately, depending on the game.

HEYSTOP Nintendo Switch Joy-con Grips (3 Pieces), Joycon Grip Kit Controller, Case Protector Handle Kits for JoyCon Controls Nintendo Switch Controller Set

Today on Amazon for € 14.99

Series and films

Captain Marvel

For Marvel fans, one of the titles of the year and in Blu-Ray quality: 'Captain Marvel' (6 euros)), starring Brie Larson, to add to the collection.

Captain Marvel [Blu-ray]

RRP at FNAC € 6 Today on Amazon for € 20.80

Avengers: Endgame

We continue reviewing the best titles of the sci-fi This year with 'Avengers: Endgame' (14.65 euros), the continuation of 'Avengers: Infinity War' offers an over-the-top closure to the plots started in previous films.

Avengers: Endgame [DVD]

Today on Amazon for € 17.99

Alita: Combat Angel

More films from this same year that have hit the billboard hard, such as 'Alita' (9.99 euros) by Robert Rodríguez, a cyborg who faces terrible enemies while investigating to discover his past.

Alita: Angel De Combate Blu-Ray [Blu-ray]

RRP at FNAC € 9.99 Today on Amazon for € 19.99

Dragon Ball Super: Broly

It is time to go to animation with a classic from our childhood: 'Dragon Ball Super: Broly' (6.50 euros), the return of the mythical Goku to save Earth

Dragon Ball Super Broly [DVD]

RRP at FNAC € 6.50 Today on Amazon for € 8.90

Ad Astra

And we end with 'Ad Astra' (13.07 euros) on DVD and Brad Pitt as an astronaut in charge of touring space to find his missing father and the reason why his mission was a failure.

Ad Astra [DVD]

Today on Amazon for € 17.95


Super Mario Bros magnets

Great for fans of the world's most famous plumber: 80 Super Mario Bros magnets (8.34 euros) to stick wherever you want (although the fridge is still the most common place) and create our own levels

Paladone PP2931NN, Magneti with Super Mario Bros, 80 Pezzi

Today on Amazon for € 8.34

Moleskine Harry Potter

The mythical signature of notebooks to write down what we want arrives with a special edition of 'Harry Potter' (12.60 euros), so that we can kill two birds with one stone: a detail for those who like to take notes to hand and at the same time, be fans of the work of JK: Rowling.

Moleskine Harry Potter Limited Edition Striped Notebook with Marauder's Map Themed Graphics and Details, Hardcover, Large Size 13 x 21 cm, Red, 240 Pages

Today on Amazon for € 21.85

Funko Fortnite: Loot Lama Figure

Time passes and Fortnite remains. He battle royale It has managed to keep its community faithful and has made iconic characters like the flame (13.96 euros), which we now find in merchandising in multiple ways. One of them, like colorful and casual funko.

Funko- Pop Vinyl: Games: Fortnite: Loot Lama Collectible Figure, (39048)

Today on Amazon for € 14.99

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