To jail for using the mobile

Three different news that I read yesterday worked on the same topic. Three people who have ended up in front of the judge (or almost) for using their mobile phone for more than just calling. In Italy, in Padua, a man has been fined € 300 for sending unsolicited text messages to an officemate. The matter seems strange enough because one of the messages simply said: "Since you appeared before my eyes I can do nothing but think of you." Although to embarrassment that of a Saudi girlfriend who furiously beat a woman who photographed her with the camera of a mobile phone in her bridal procession, despite the fact that camera phones are prohibited in that country. But the last straw is in an Engadget story, where they say that a judge has sentenced a 17-year-old girl to three weeks in prison because her phone rang while she was in court, a penalty, you just have to see the poor woman's face girl.

Three weeks in jail for a ringing cellphone. An Italian is fined for flirting using sms. Saudi girlfriend hits a guest.

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