Acer neoTouch, we tested it

Within the range of "Windows Mobile phones": https: // that we were seeing in our special gift for christmas the Acer neoTouch It is one of those that come with the Snapdragon processor at 1 GHz, that is, well loaded with power.

When it was presented, its main asset was based on a very adjusted price for the features offered and, the truth is that it fulfills what it promises, although we cannot compare it with other more polished models in terms of appearance. hardware as in the software. But let's "dissect" it.

Acer neoTouch specifications

First of all it is worth stopping to check all the specifications of the Acer neoTouch, which place it within the high range, something that a priori we would not expect from a terminal of that price. So, it surprises us with a great 3.8 inch screen with resolution of 800 x 480 pixels.

It offers HSDPA connectivity at 7.2 Mbps and Wi-Fi, being compatible with 802.11g. As we have already mentioned, the processor is a 1 GHz Snapdragon, which offers enough power to run any type of application, together with its 256 MB of RAM.

GPS receiver, camera 5 megapixels and MicroSD card reader are other features. They are accompanied by an aggressive design, although with a glossy black finish It attracts a lot of dirt, so we will soon see our marked fingers on its casing.

Under the screen we find four buttons that, at first glance, they seem to be tactile, but in fact they work by pressure and that we will notice that we have pressed due to the small vibration that the phone emits, something useful to not get confused. Of course, the icons on these buttons do not make it very clear what their function is.

An own interface on Windows Mobile

Without reaching the HTC level with its TouchFlo3D or HTC Sense in the latest models, Acer has also wanted, in the Acer neoTouch, implement a layer above the operating system to make it easier to use and speed up the handling. Gets it? Well, for my taste not much.

Acer's interface is very basic, showing a home screen with 9 shortcuts to different applications. Of these accesses, the 6 at the bottom are customizable, that is, we can assign which application we want to run when pressed.

But little more we will find on this screen, neither notifications, nor notices, nor our calendar, ... The truth is that doesn't seem like a very noticeable improvement in front of the new Windows Mobile start screen. Fortunately, if we prefer this there is no problem to change it from the options.

Some additional applications are also offered, such as a so-called Social Networking, with access to Blogger, flickr and Facebook, in addition to Schedule, an improved calendar designed to be used without problems with the fingers, without forgetting Office Mobile.

Acer neoTouch, is it worth it?

Before considering whether a phone like Acer neoTouch It is worth always assessing that the price is around 350 euros free, which is well below what its rivals cost, which can go up to almost double that price without getting too disheveled.

So it turns out to hope that your construction not especially solid. One of the weak points is the screen, since it has a "plastic" touch that is slightly weak and makes the terminal seem worse in your hands than it really is, since once we start using it, its sensitivity does not it's bad.

Of course, where we have not been very convinced is in the virtual keyboard, very imprecise, at least in a first use. We do not doubt that after a long time using it we can get used to it, but compared to keyboards such as the HTC HD2 or the iPhone this falls far below.

The quality of the camera is not particularly remarkable either, especially if you look at interior photos. Anyway, it is something that happens with a large majority of mobiles and its use with flash does not make the result improve too much, because if we get too close the photos come out somewhat burned and if we get away it is hardly worth anything.

Leaving these points aside, the Acer neoTouch It offers a good experience for those who don't mind facing Windows Mobile. Its version 6.5 has improved many aspects of its use with your fingers and applications such as the Marketplace, My Phone or the pre-installed Office Mobile will help us make the most of it.

Of course, it is highly recommended to install an additional video player, such as CorePlayer, to get more out of the speed of your processor.

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