Now everyone wants to give Google a phone

After HTC's Nexus One, Motorola could be the next to give Google a design for another terminal under its own brand. We thought that these brands that have bet on Android and how well that has come to them, Motorola the first, were going to be quite angry with the great search engine but it seems that they have had to assume that they better be on your side.

So Motorola has admitted that, among the dozens of terminals that they plan to offer to the market this year, at least one will be for Google. How romantic.

If we are tying up dots, the one that is already being called as Google Nexus Two, could finally be a phone made by Motorola. In it we would find a full QWERTY-type physical keyboard since its approach would be eminently professional. With this, Google would be covering a very interesting market for them and could henceforth focus on the consumer more idle.

At Xatakamóvil | Motorola Shadow, Google Nexus Two ?.

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