Android 2.0. he's ready to jump into the ring and fight whoever

Google has not been around many detours and has already announced the availability of Android 2.0. for developers. That we have it on him ring of new operating systems is a matter of time.

Android 2.0. It is a highly anticipated version because it promises improvements that many of us were waiting for. In Xatakamóvil we reel them in, but to open our mouth we can tell you that in this version it will be possible to synchronize several accounts on the same phone. Thus, we can have two or more users and identify ourselves at any time with the one that suits us best.

In the image to the side you can see one of the improvements that I like the most: quick contacts, where we can find shortcuts to the different types of communication that we can maintain with that person.

The other improvements mainly refer to bluetooth for exchanging information and the advance in the use of the camera, which incorporates digital zoom, scene modes, color effects, macro mode, flash and white balance. Oh, and let's not forget the multi-touch support.

If you want to know in a pleasant and complete way what awaits us with Android 2.0, we recommend you take a look at the following video from Google itself:

More information | Android Developers.

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