Android Wear in depth: how far the Google system for smartwatches goes

Android Wear has taken little time since its presentation in Google I / O to reach our wrists. At the moment it has done so timidly with the Samsung Gear Live and the LG G Watch. Two watches from a family that looks like it is going to grow significantly by the end of the year. The speed is understandable since the competition seems to have its weapons ready, too.

Today we have to talk about Android Wear, its operating system and what it offers in this small but increasingly large sector of advanced watches. Is it competitive against other platforms? What can we do? What are its advantages and disadvantages? Today we will try to resolve these doubts in a video that covers all these aspects of the Android-derived operating system for our wrist.

This is Android Wear

Android Wear is Google's commitment to establish itself as a platform for wrist devices such as smartwatches. A system that aims to save software development work for manufacturers by following a model similar to that followed by Android in its day. You make the clock, Google puts the software on you.

That it is called Android Wear is not accidental because it starts from some principles that have been defining Google's mobile operating system for a season. Its main message is the information you need at the right time. In other words, the full potential of Google Now in a small window connected to our smartphone.

Voice commands to search or reply to messages, receive useful information in real time thanks to the smart card system ... We can even follow navigation instructions through Google Maps without turning on the screen of our mobile phone. In addition to seeing the time and receiving notifications, Mountain View is clear about how they want to give value to these types of devices.

Their bet is clear and they have decided to opt for a color touch screen. Very attractive but also with a higher battery drain. Get ready to charge your Android Wear almost like your mobile. A difficult commitment to accept if we are not going to make the most of its use.

In the video that you can find above you can see in detail what Android Wear offers. Very good ideas on the table but with some other problems in the execution. Google is on the right track and although being pioneers will not be a frustrating experience, you are warned that it is missing to be perfect and the journey to achieve it will take time.

The smartwatches we know ...

At the moment we have LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live on the market. Two models very similar to each other where the differences are limited to the design, for tastes colors, and little else. Watches very similar inside where in the case of Samsung the design line that they created with the Gear and the Tizen operating system is more noticeable.

Then we have LG that seems to have been the watch that has stood out the most in this generation, especially due to the commercial promotions it has had with its flagship for this year: the LG G3. Which is better? It is difficult to decide due to the homogeneity of the market. Those who are falling do promise to give more to talk about and make a difference.

... and those who will arrive

If everything goes according to plan, between now and the end of the year we will have at least three more smartphones with the Android Wear system. LG will repeat to leave behind the somewhat boring square design for a much more elegant and discreet in appearance. Samsung is erased this time and in its new generation it will bet on Tizen again.

Then we have Motorola, one of the pioneering companies in Android Wear but that did not arrive in time for Google I / O. This week we will know its final appearance and if nothing prevents it, we will have it for sale before the end of the year. The first circular model with a very simple design.

Finally we have the unknown of Sony. Will they bet on Android Wear or will they continue with their proprietary platform? Everything indicates that they will make the leap and partner with Google. It remains to be seen if they maintain a form factor similar to the Smart Watch 2 or if they will decide to stand out with another type of line that is more elegant or sporty. At IFA we will find out.

In short: the year will end with five Android Wear devices. We will see if it curdles and causes interest because at the moment everything related to wrist watches is attracting a few. As a platform they are on the right track but still have pending duties for the next updates.

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