The abnormality of the “new normal”: what do the industries most affected by COVID-19 propose to survive (Clear X, 1x92)

The unconfinement plan that Spain is about to start aims at a "new normal" (not to be confused with the old normal): an undetermined time in which we will have to live with a highly contagious and lethal virus in the streets of the best possible, taking sufficient individual and collective security measures so that we do not have to anchor ourselves in a hard confinement that would destroy - even more - the country's economy.

The problem is that we live in a world designed for the old normality, and some sectors have that new normality especially complicated by the amount of adaptations that they are going to have to do in order to resume activity. From airlines to bars and restaurants to gyms or clubs, many sectors will have to try harder than ever to adapt to times when the only certainty is absolute uncertainty.

This is what we talked about in the last episode of Despeja la X, in which a server, Javier Lacort (@jlacort), editor of Xataka. Production is as always by Santi Araújo (@santiaraujo).

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In the absence of vaccine, masks and safety distance

The measures proposed by some of these industries for which a daily life based on masks, social distance and extreme hygiene range from the elimination of paper menus in restaurants and the on-board press on airplanes to taking temperatures at access points from gyms, discos or airports, among others.

Again, the problem is that there are places, like nightclubs, for which the hustle and bustle is the core of their business, and limiting the capacity and forcing them to maintain two meters of distance between people sounds like little less than a point-blank shot for your cash flow. At the end of the day, there are businesses that live on large human concentrations, and others that live precisely on being able to live and work without leaving our homes, and these are the companies that have benefited most from this new normality.

In the episode we review all these measures that are being considered by employers or individually or in several of those critical sectors, for those who, until a vaccine or an effective cure against the disease caused by the coronavirus arrives, there will be no other option than to try float as you can.

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