Apple will start selling the iPhone without a contract from the Apple Store

Attentive to this news that, although it is not confirmed by Apple, has a good chance that it will come true. Everything has emerged from alleged statements by Apple employees to 9 to 5 Mac, a few tweets on Twitter, and as an auction, an internal document seems to confirm it.

In addition, it seems that even several users have been able to ask directly in physical stores if there was the possibility of taking an iPhone without a contract, or associated data rate, obtaining a yes for an answer, although apparently, for the moment, they are not sold free, but tied to the company that until now had exclusivity (AT&T in the US).

Thus, the prices at which you can supposedly buy the iPhone are the following:

  • $ 499 iPhone 3G
  • $ 599 16GB iPhone 3GS
  • $ 699 32GB iPhone 3GS

And the conditions seem to be the following (in the US at the moment):

  • Customers do not necessarily have to have a contract with AT&T.
  • Customers will only be able to buy one iPhone (no contract) per day.

Although we are waiting to confirm this decision by Apple and know its possible application in Spain, it is undoubtedly very important news, for all those who do not want to depend on a contract with the iPhone, although for now, we have to remain tied to an operator.

Will it be the first step before finally releasing it to all operators? Let's hope so.

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