Apple spies on us with the iPhone IMEI

The news of the day I think we already have it at this time in the morning: Apple collects information on the uses that the iPhone makes its owners.

Through the IMEI Apple it seems that it would be collecting information about what the user does with the stock and time widgets. When we request a query, at Apple they receive the IMEI, the application and the widget data, for example stock companies that we are following. Also, if you try to override or remove that code, the application in question stops working.

The most dramatic fact is that in the conditions of use of the iPhone it is already admitted that this can happen and in fact we give our approval. So there is no need to raise your hand to hit because this is already done by other companies and in general we usually accept it in its conditions of use, which on the other hand almost nobody reads.

Another thing is that it is fine. What do you think? Does it really improve what Apple or other companies offer us by spying on us?

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