Apple patents a system to detect if you have misused your gadget

Apple continues to develop the most curious and strange patents and today it is time to talk about one that surely will not leave anyone indifferent. It would be a patent to detect if a user has made improper use of a device, in which case the product warranty would be voided. As you read it.

If we expose an iPod to the sun more than we should, or if we accidentally drop it, the player will be able to detect it and store this data so that when we go to the technical service, they can know the intrahistory of our lives with an Apple product.

On the other hand, the 8GB iPhone 3GS seems to be more real than ever and could be on the market as soon as the stock of the previous model runs out. In this way we would have a latest generation iPhone at a more content and attractive price, without clearly counting the voice and data plans that we have to contract with the operator on duty.

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