Apple wants an image stabilizer for their screens

What a month of August we have on patent issues. But notice that the last one that we bring you seems to me to be very good looking. Don't you think the same?

Apple wants us to use its equipment, basically the phone and portable players, on the move. However, it is not always easy to handle, nor to write, much less read the screen when we are moving. The patent that we bring you now seeks to reduce that movement on the screen, as an image stabilizer in a photo camera, so that we understand each other.

This motion compensation system by sensors that Apple has patented would facilitate the reading of information and the interaction with the buttons, icons and menus even when moving. On how it would work there is not much information, although for example, when trying to press a button while we are walking, the system would enlarge it to facilitate its activation.

Anything that is improving the user experience is fine.

In Applesfera | New patent: motion compensation on mobile screens.

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