Apple prepares to be autonomous in the 3D mapping business

The need to be independent in the services by Apple is something that we are quite clear about, he likes to do things his own way, and whenever he wants, so that being pulling third-party jobs is something that is not to his liking.

The next field where you want to advance autonomously in the field of 3D maps and, logically, navigation on them. In the latest version of iOS, material served by Google is still being used, but it is very possible that in a short time this will not be the case.

Apple has set eyes on the company C3 Technologies, specializing in 3D maps, and although there has been no official statement, the purchase could have already been made. In fact, the source of the news reports that the managers of the company are already working in Apple's iOS division, in a new development team called Sputnik.

Previously it was done with the companies PlaceBase, a company that is dedicated to cartography and could help create a response to Google Maps, and Poly9, which develops a service that draws 3D maps in the browser, which could be used to do something similar to Google Earth.

C3 Technologies manufactures its 3D maps using photographic information obtained through technology used in the missile launch, which is no longer in use, originating from the company Saab AB. Let's take a look at what technology is capable of:

In the case of Google Maps, the search engine company is clearly improving the service for Android terminals in its new versions, so here Apple will always be one step behind in the face of its customers.

We are not going to talk about the need to be independent in the creation of components, where it would be very important not to pull enemies who are also fighting in the market, but in this area it seems that they have it more complicated.

I leave you with some videos of the technology created by C3 Technologies:

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