Apple will use MicroUSB to charge iPhone

Now that we have a date for most mobiles to use the same charger, with a MicroUSB connection, we have doubts that Apple will do with its iPhone. And it is that the Cupertino company is one of those that have signed this agreement.

Something strange considering that they have always bet very strongly on their connector dock owner, through which it connects from the charger to all kinds of external accessories. Will Apple give up on it? I think we all have a fairly clear answer, and that is not.

Apple has confirmed that they will keep the dock connector on their devices, but that they will include an adapter from this to MicroUSB, which will allow us to use any conventional charger. A move that has a lot of logic to not break backwards compatibility by making that port disappear.

What already raises more questions is whether they will do it only with the iPhone, as this is an agreement of telephone manufacturers, or they will also apply it to the rest of their models, be it the iPod touch, which is the most similar, or the rest of iPods.

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