Apple and Samsung sign peace: end of patent lawsuits outside the United States

"Apple and Samsung have agreed to drop all lawsuits between the two companies outside the United States." This is how emphatic both companies have been in a statement announcing the end of hostilities due to patents. The news comes after Apple and Google reached a similar agreement and with the European Union pressing for the end of these legal battles in mobile telephony.

Both Apple and Samsung had pending cases in countries such as Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Japan and even South Korea, where Samsung has its headquarters. While Apple accused Samsung of copying the iPhone, the South Korean company sued Apple based on some patents in its possession related to the operation of some basic components in mobile telephony.

Why this decision? Surely to save time and money in legal processes that are not really going anywhere or causing any impact, in addition to fulfilling the wishes of the European Union. Does this mean that both companies are already friends and are going to walk hand in hand? Not quite. Where the battle will continue will be in the United States, with several legal issues still pending, and they have insisted that this does not mean that they have signed an agreement to share their licenses.

In the past, Samsung has already been sentenced in the United States to pay more than $ 900 million after losing the first trial. In May of this year, a jury found that both Apple and Samsung infringed patents and ordered the South Korean manufacturer to pay $ 120 million, an insignificant amount compared to the $ 2 billion Apple was demanding as compensation.

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