ARM prepares dual-core processors for supermobiles

ARM does not want mobile phones to remain at half power and for next year, terminals such as the Palm Pre or the iPhone may have dual-core processors.

The first to reach the market will be the ARM Cortex A9, successor to the A8 that already mounts current phones that will surely appreciate an increase in processing capacity. That processor will be manufactured using 45 nanometer technology and in addition to performance, there will be improvements in the autonomy of the phones that decide to mount them.

That A9 model would be able to reach all four cores, but for the moment for mobile phones they will stop at both, which will surely help to make background processes look better on a mobile phone.

The theme of the graphics can also improve, and for example, the chip OMAP Texas Instruments 4, which will be based on the Cortex 9, will offer 1080p video, both recording and playback, in addition to being able to handle images with a resolution of up to 20 megapixels.

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