ARM trembles: Android on phones with Atom processors now officially

ARM must not have had a good night. Its absolute hegemony as chips in advanced mobile phones with Android operating system is close to ending. It will do so as soon as Intel's promising Moorestown platform jumps to the most advanced phones on the market.

And it will. Intel has already announced that it has officially adapted the Android operating system to be used with total confidence in conjunction with its Atom processors. Thus, this 45 nm architecture and with a consumption of between 1 and 2.5 W already has a perfect ally to jump with guarantees to the market of smartphones and also of the tablets that, now, can invade every square centimeter of the shelves.

This combination will compete with the Nvidia Tegra 2 platform as well, so the crack it's big on Intel's part. If we follow the words of the executive who has disclosed the information to the letter, Intel is actually carrying all operating systems to run on Atom. Everyone? Not!, a village populated by irreducible apples still and always resists the invader.

More information | PCWorld.

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