This is how applicants seek the throne of Samsung

March 2010. There begins the "legend" of the Samsung Galaxy S family with the first model, a terminal that has become a benchmark for the Android ecosystem without any discussion. Until last year.

In 2012, few could discuss Android leadership with the Samsung Galaxy S3. If we go to 2013 and the Galaxy S4, we can already speak of full-blown harassment of the main candidates to be the next franchise terminal under Android. And do not think that the assault on the first place among Android terminals has been with similar strategies. Rather the opposite. LG, Sony and HTC want the Samsung throne and this is how they are looking for it.

HTC One: the ultimate in design at all costs

Having the best terminals on the market even on different platforms (I remind you that the HTC 8X was at the time the best Windows Phone available) but staying in trouble must be hard. For this reason, HTC's bet with its One last year was brave, risky but firm. And this year they insist on their strategy.

HTC has decided to attack the first drawer of the Android podium from excellence in terms of design and finish

HTC has bet on all or nothing. It has decided to attack the first drawer of the Android podium since excellence and the new HTC One M8 is the clear example. If with the M7 it has already become a benchmark in the field of metallic finishing for Android terminals, the M8 improves it even more. And the price at which it will be available (729 euros) along with the statements of its managers instantly make it the aspirational model for those who want the most in premium finish and feel under Android.

This approach to the highest echelon under Android is no longer so simple for various reasons, including that the market is now more spread out and with less inequality, but on the other hand, a very necessary aspect is increasingly necessary. differentiator to escape the monotony that we have seen in these last two years.

HTC Strategy: If you want maximum exclusivity under Android, the HTC One M8 should be your choice.

Xperia Z: many megapixel camera and water resistance by flag

Without excessive noise but with great insistence, the Xperia Z family, at the rate of two terminals per year (at least last year) has managed to create a saga that the user can recognize by its design, glass finish and, above all, for being a waterproof smartphone that we can immerse. Is he the first one to do it? No, but it has earned itself to be the reference if we refer to the high range and to which everyone will point out if we ask them to tell us a terminal that we can immerse. Is the new Galaxy S5 also tough? True, but I bet a dinner that can not get as much benefit from the media as Sony has achieved with its Zs.

The Xperia Z family also adds its sensor always at heights in terms of resolution (the Z2 already reaches 20 megapixels, a figure that does not go unnoticed by the street consumer) as well as a very straight, risky design but with glass and some exclusivity by flag. Other details that are interesting to consider is its Stamina mode, the one that works best for now to optimize battery life.

Sony strategy: if you want a different design, full megapixel camera and to be able to safely submerge the phone, the Xperia Z family awaits you

LG: battery and screen as a long-term strategy

The third manufacturer to aspire to the throne under the Android ecosystem is LG. Like HTC and Sony, last year they put their best model to date the LG G2 on the pitch. In this case, the Koreans have opted for discretion to assault positions among the best sellers, as they have done in the mid and low range in recent years.

Thus, without noise but with great relevance in the market we find the LG G2 and its emphasis on being able to have a large screen in a slim body and comfortable to operate, with the different touch in the form of a rear control button, but above all , the commitment to autonomy. If at the design level one would ask for the One and in resistance the Z2, when seeking autonomy the user can already say that his choice would be the G2.

While waiting for what they have prepared for us with the LG G3, the Korean brand has already earned itself to be the one to cite if we have to talk about autonomy. And from what they tell from the brand itself, they want that to be their hallmark.

LG strategy: if your priority is the battery and have the maximum screen in a comfortable terminal to handle, your choice is the LG Gx family

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