Here's how ads appear (and disappear) on Amazon's discounted phones

Advertising is in practice a fee that we pay to enjoy certain services without having to pay a fee for them (in most cases), or, as in the case of apps, we save the cost of it. At Amazon they have applied the same criteria and, as we told you yesterday, it has begun to market certain phones with a discount by including advertising. But how is this advertising and where do we find it?

At the moment the e-commerce giant has arranged this possibility in two terminals, a Moto G4 and a BLU HR1 HD. And this second is the one that Tim Schofield (who manages a YouTube channel with videos on smartphones) has acquired and shows us what the experience of a mobile with ads is like. Let's see if the sale is worth it.

Permanent announcements, but in few places

As we explained yesterday, these are phones with the factory software practically untouched, but with the addition of Amazon's personal touch, both in the apps and in the aforementioned ads. Just as the phones present a folder with Google services as usual, also in this case we will see a folder with those from Amazon.

But before you get to the home screen or the app drawer, there is the initial software load. In principle, no advertisement or banner appears, according to Tim, who although he takes the opportunity to talk about construction while the preload At times hiding the screen, he later explains that nothing unusual was found at that point (Wi-Fi settings, Google login, etc.). Of course, at the end of the process a login also appears for Amazon (for Premium members).

When do the ads appear? On the lock screen, notifications and a widget (and not random, but from the house). As one of those apps that change the lock screen automatically and randomly, on these phones we will see an ad every time we wake up the screen. The positive is that it is not necessary that we open the ad or that we wait for a video to pass for a few seconds, but that we can discard it or directly unlock it.

A collation of these apps for screensavers, Tim tries to run one of them (specifically Next, which goes beyond changing the background also managing accesses), and what we see here is that the ads disappear, as canceled. This, however, does not affect those that appear in the notification curtain, being able to discard these with a swipe as with any other notification.

Few ads and a 50% discount

In practice we see that it is not really too invasive or at least not as invasive as one might imagine, seeing the precedents of content with ads such as games and other apps. The fact that it compensates or not will depend on what we value more, but the saving becomes almost 50% in the case of the model we have seen, the BLU R1 HD, which goes from 99 to 49 dollars (the Moto G4 is it is in 149 dollars of the 199 without publicity).

Both are free phones but at the moment it is an exclusive option for the American store. At the moment we do not know if Amazon plans to export the option to other countries, but thinking that it may be so, would you consider one of these terminals?

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