This is the first Jolla phone with Sailfish OS operating system

Jolla He just presented his first Smartphone, which initially seemed to have been baptized as "The Movement", as we saw on its website, but in the end it will be known simply as Jolla. As we knew, the operating system is derived from the work done by Nokia in Meego, and is known as Sailfish OS.

Among its main specifications we find a screen of 4.5 inches (with Estrade technology?), dual-core processor, 8-megapixel camera, LTE connectivity, or 16GB of internal memory (expandable via microSD). As far as we know they are more than acceptable characteristics for a Smartphone today, in a medium-high range, we will have to wait for new data to reach more conclusions.

Jolla promises compatibility with Android applications

From a software point of view the most interesting is in the announced compatibility with Android applicationsWe will see to what extent this is possible, and under what conditions. Let's go with his official presentation video:

As you can see in the gallery, the back cover is interchangeable and there are different colors and designs for it. In Jolla they have decided to give a name to this, "Other Half", which will also have a way of adapting the color of the interface with the exterior. But perhaps most interesting of all this is the possibility of removing the battery.

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In the images that we see of the Sailfish OS operating system, we find some news such as the increase in "Tiles" or activity cells, up to seven, when in his presentation the most we saw were four. We also see that the icons have been redesigned.

Another detail that we expected, taking into account the interface of Sailfish OS, is the absence of physical buttons. Back to the start, multitasking, or moving between screens, everything is done with gestures.

Jolla's phone, price and availability

The price at which Jolla "The Movement" is released is 399 euros, free, and will be with us before the end of the year (at least in European markets). Marc Dillon, one of the founders of Jolla, presents it to us:

There are three types of reservations, one without cost that gives you access to the phone when it appears in your market; a second of 40 euros, which offers a limited version of the phone, a t-shirt, and priority in the reservation; and one of 100 euros, which adds to the previous one an “Other Half” casing, and the discount of that amount in the final purchase price. In short, the last option he tries is to give you the extras if you commit to advance those 100 euros.

Jolla is going to hold an event in Finland today to show us the news, it will last half an hour and you can continue streaming at 17:30 on this link.

Regarding the future of Jolla, the appearance of alternatives is appreciated, but he seems like a very small protagonist in an industry of giants, in which he needs to find partners of that level to achieve something relevant. We are already seeing what it costs Microsoft to gain a foothold in market shares.

* Update *, I leave you with a video where you can learn much more about the phone and the final state of the interface of Sailfish OS

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