Asus RT-AC88U, review: the router that every demanding user will want

The router is the gateway to the internet and is in charge of making the communication between all your devices as optimal as possible. So we should not skimp when investing in the product that best meets our needs. If you are looking for a new router, the Asus RT AC88U may interest you. We have analyzed it and this is what you should know.


characteristics Asus RT-AC88U Ethernet 8 gigabit ports with Link Aggregation support Wifi AC up to 3100 Mbps (up to 2167 Mbps on 5Ghz network and 1000 Mbps on 2.4Ghz network) Processor 1.4Ghz dual core with Broadcom NitroQAM technology Additional features Support MU-MIMO technology, AiProtection, easy-to-use management software Price Approximately € 350 on Amazon

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Asus RT-AC88U, futuristic design

Asus has been distancing itself from traditional manufacturers for its design. The manufacturer's latest bets revealed devices with a certain futuristic touch, with marked lines and striking shapes. The Asus RT-AC88U is no exception and as you can see from the images, its design is very characteristic.

What is most striking, in addition to its dimensions, are its four antennas. That at least with the naked eye. Because when you look at it carefully there are other details just as or more striking. An example is the front, here we find a cover that gives access to a USB 3.0 port as well as two buttons to turn the LEDs on or off that give information as well as activate or not the Wi-Fi networks that we can create.

The Asus RT-AC88U is the perfect router for those who want to connect all their devices via ethernet

Of course it is in the back where we say wow! by viewing all available connections. To the classic power input, USB 2.0 port and WAN port are added no more and no less than eight gigabit ethernet ports. With such a number of ports we are already seeing that this is not just any router but a product that targets the most demanding users. Yes, those who as far as possible prefer to have from their computers to consoles or other devices connected by cable and not via wifi.

To close the design section, the Asus router is made of very good quality plastic. Both the construction and the feeling once you hold it is that of a very robust router. So you can rest assured that, despite not being devices that suffer great wear, it will last longer in perfect condition.

Software part of your success

Setting up a router has always been one of the most important fears for most users. That is why most, if your router works, it is not difficult to see what options could give you greater performance.

For this reason, manufacturers have been developing software versions that are increasingly easy to use. No complicated menus full of just names and figures difficult to understand. Now everything is very visual, like another website that you access and in which you know how to interact.

The Asus RT-AC88U also offers a very friendly version of its management software. By that we do not mean that it is simple or not very powerful if you have advanced knowledge, but it does ensure that it is accessible to most.

Once we access its configured we can see all the possible options. There will be sections that require certain knowledge but the most basic ones, those that affect security and essential options to obtain better performance according to the use that we are going to make of the network are easy to modify.

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Without a doubt, at least for me, the management software of this Asus router is a success for users less knowledgeable of how a router works. And very versatile for those with a more advanced profile.

Maximum performance for demanding users

Beyond a striking design and various presentations what matters is its performance. An advance is outstanding. I have been able to test different high-end routers in recent months and I must admit that the performance of this Asus model is above. That does not imply that it is a better option than the others but it is more suitable for those who seek the maximum.

You can connect several devices with total peace of mind and use them at the same time without fear of possible bottlenecks, packet loss or saturation of the local network. Regarding the internet connection, it already depends on the speed of your ISP but in my case, with a symmetrical 200MB fiber connection, you have been quite an experience.

Playing 4K content from the NAS while backing up via Wi-Fi, connecting an iPad and several smartphones to play YouTube content, and the console to play online is something it can do without any problem. And it may seem that any router should do it, but it is not. Much less at the speeds achieved, although that also depends a lot on the adapters that the different devices have. In my case, most allow you to take advantage of the AC standard.

Connecting multiple wireless devices at once is when we take advantage of MU-MIMO technology

Of course, we are not always going to demand as much power and efficiency. Although its ability to manage different devices at the same time without affecting overall performance, thanks to MU-MIMO technology, it is not the only reason to bet on this router. The coverage obtained with the Asus RT-AC88U is outstanding.

According to the manufacturer, the theoretical limit is 500m of coverage. I do not live in a house of such dimensions but I have verified how the signal strength was maximum at each corner of it. Something that previously was not possible due to various interferences and obstacles with the operator's router. And that with the 2.4Ghz network, if I use the 5Ghz network even better because it is not yet a saturated frequency where I live.

Then for more demanding users we have Link Aggregation support. Technology that allows two ethernet connections to be connected in certain equipment. Thanks to this, speeds of up to 2Gbps are achieved. It is rare in consumer devices but some examples of compatible products are NAS or workstations. If you have it attentive because the transfer speeds in a local network improve substantially.


Investing more than three hundred euros in a router is something that not everyone does. So wanting to justify or demonstrate how the experience of using the internet and your own local network changes with such a product costs work. But if you have coverage problems, your network is saturated, you are unable to transmit 4K and 1080p content with a good bitrate, it also gives you jerks, if when you play you suffer cuts and many other problems ... then do not last. A high performance router will be the best investment you can make.

The Asus RT-AC88U is worth it. It is somewhat expensive but its user profile is one that seeks maximum performance and, compared to other options from the same manufacturer, looks for that extra of the eight gigabit ethernet ports.

The equipment has been loaned for testing by Asus. Can inquire our policy of relationships with enterprises

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