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He is the new member in that catalog of smart watches that continues to try to attract public interest. The ASUS ZenWatch that was introduced a few hours ago offers some interesting features, and above all a competitive price.

After the presentation of the product yesterday we were able to spend a few minutes with the ZenWatch, which is the first of ASUS 'developments in this field. The design of the device has been one of the pillars of a proposal that has some original software functions.

Good design and size as a determining factor

Until now, most of the smart watches on the market offered a square screen and ASUS has also added to that format in its screen, which occupies a large part of a front integrated into a metal casing and perhaps somewhat bulky.

Its dimensions of 50.6x39.8x7.9-9.4 mm translate into a final size that is suitable for a man's wrist, but not so much for that of a woman. The final result, elegant and attractive, certainly helps with its curved 2.5D screen with Gorilla Glass 3, but as we mentioned, the size is more oriented to the male audience.

The weight of the device is only 75 grams (25 of them for the strap), which makes it a watch that can be worn comfortably. Precisely the leather strap is one of the highlights of the ZenWatch design, and its system for exchanging straps, with a small button-lock, makes this operation very simple and comfortable.

In this design it is interesting to note that we also have IP55 certification, which means that we will have decent protection against water. We can shower with it for example and that it rains on us without protection will not be a problem, but it is not recommended to dive into the pool or the sea.

Android Wear with extra features

The ASUS smart watch comes based on Android Wear, the platform that Google has been offering for months for this class of devices. In addition to the typical functions of this operating system, highly oriented towards having a complete notification and synchronization system with our smartphone, ASUS has added some of its own improvements.

The Zen UI interface of your smartphones has been adapted in various sections in the Android Wear interface of ZenWatch, and we find several special functions at the software level. Thus, for example, it will be possible to locate our phone by double-tapping the screen. That will make the phone ring and indicate your position.

We can also hang up a call from which we receive a notification to the smartwatch simply by covering the screen with our hands, a comfortable and fast system that again helps us not to have to constantly take the smartphone out of our pocket. Having a remote control for the smartphone camera, a presentation control, unlocking the terminal due to the proximity of the clock or monitoring of physical activity - steps given, heart rate, calories burned - are some of the additional options.

It will be interesting to see how the ASUS ZenWatch behaves on a daily basis when we have the opportunity to test it. ASUS has confirmed that this device will sell for 199 euros, and although there is no specific launch date, what they have clarified is that it will be in stores before Christmas time.

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