Sony Ericsson Wireless Headphone

In addition to wireless speakers, Sony Ericsson today unveiled three new quality headsets to use with your Walkman phones. The most prominent is the IS800 model, as it is a wireless headphone system. Then we have the HPM-88 model, which has noise cancellation as the most outstanding element, and finally the HPM-66 earphone, intended for athletes who want optimal grip.

The Sony Ericsson IS800 is a headset that dispenses with cables to connect to the music player or mobile phone, and chooses to do so via bluetooth. We can also use it as hands-free. It is made of aluminum and its battery, which is rechargeable, lasts up to 4 hours in operation and 270 in standby.

The other two Sony Ericsson headphones are more traditional, but even so, they are committed to quality and decently accompany the company's Walkman phones.

The Sony Ericsson HPM-88 is a headphone model with a noise cancellation system that reduces background noise by 75% to improve listening to music and calls. It is a system that takes power from the phone itself.

Finally we have the HPM-66 headset, whose design allows a greater grip necessary when we do sports or for simple comfort. And the audio quality promises to be better than with a normal earphone.

More information | Sony Ericsson.

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