Logitech Bluetooth Headsets

Hands-free is becoming more and more fashionable to be able to speak through our mobile without having to take it out of our pocket or carry it continuously with the hand. For this reason, Logitech launches two new models of Bluetooth mobile headsets: the Mobile Traveler Headset and the Logitech Mobile Express Headset. Both weigh just 17 grams, making them very comfortable to wear at any time.

The Mobile Traveler Headset incorporates the new Logitech WindStop technology that allows reducing noise caused by the wind while we are talking through an acoustic barrier around the microphone, so that neither weight is added nor more battery is used than with other types of solutions. It allows up to seven hours of uninterrupted conversation and up to 300 of waiting. Its price is $ 79.99, while the Logitech Mobile Express Headset is $ 49.99.

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