Xbox Live avatars with a life of their own: this is Microsoft's Aura

One of the aspects that interests me most about Windows Phone 7 Series is the integration that the operating system will make with other Microsoft computers. The communication between my gadgets I value every day more, and for the future I want to not have to think about where I have one thing or what I must do to use one platform or another.

Aura is the latest Microsoft-funded project for which we have learned information. They are developing it at the Carnegie Mellon’s Entertainment technology center and their mission is to arrive at the E3 fair with some Xbox Live avatars that are alive.

Aura, our animated virtual self

Microsoft has fully guessed right with its Xbox Live system. It works very well and has the avatars we create for our profile in the spotlight.

The Aura project aims to bring them to life and be able to share our status on social networks such as Facebook or Twitter through animated characters that would appear on the screen of our Windows Phone 7 Series mobile phone, but also on the Microsoft console, which has already has taken the step forward integrating the aforementioned social networks.

The biggest difficulty they are encountering is integration with their own social networks, where the states of each user should be transformed into animations of our Xbox Live characters. Although at the moment work is being done on the console and future phones with the new operating system of the company, this functionality is expected to be extended to all the brand's equipment, including Windows 7 laptops.

aura_ Microsoft Live Engagement from Jason Lin on Vimeo.

This advance in the integration of the world of consoles, social networks and mobile phones will be shown for the first time at the E3 fair that is already very close.

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