Bada will be Samsung's new operating system

Write down this name: Bada. It is what the new operating system that Samsung is preparing for its mobile phones will be called. In case the Korean company did not have enough with Windows Mobile, Android, Symbian (to which they have announced that they "dispatch" Samsung has announced that it will continue with Symbian) and other proprietary systems, one more is added.

The idea is to have a powerful operating system, especially in functions focused on consumers, such as multimedia playback, and easy to use. It would not be a system intended for smartphones, but to mid-range terminals.

The one we see in the image could be one of the first models to arrive with Bada, clearly showing us a touch screen. But it will not be until 2010 when we will be able to know more data and specifications. Of course, it seems that it will have a SDK with which to develop applications for him. And I wonder, what will happen to TouchWiz?

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