Bamboo Spark, we tested a digital notebook very easy to use but only suitable for those faithful to the paper

How we digitize and capture ideas has evolved exponentially in recent years. Wacom has been responsible for numerous products for both the consumer and professional markets. However, in its catalog we find a different product that can fit those who do not want to abandon the role at all but also do not give up having their notes and drawings in digital format instantly.

The Bamboo Spark Notebook is the 100% analog pen and paper combination that enables instant digital conversion at the push of a button on the notebook. At Xataka we have already tested it.

A notebook and a pen of the most normal

After a few years when many tried it, there are hardly any solutions to digitize content by drawing directly on paper. Despite the quality of the 100% paper-free options, some may prefer a sheet and the feel of a classic pen.

Don't expect great drawings with Bamboo Spark. Your pen is just perfect for taking notes or sketching without too much precision

This Bamboo Spark from Wacom does just that. It is made up of a very normal looking pen, comfortable but with a single classic tip that does not leave many options. No pressure levels of any kind beyond what a normal ink pen allows us. If you are a cartoonist, it is likely that you can hardly take advantage of it to make a very elementary sketch without excessive precision.

In that pen, from which we can buy spare parts or directly a new loose one, it is he who acts as the issuer of what we draw or write on paper. Wacom sells notebooks that fit the notebook, but we can use any type of paper as a base.

The other leg of the Spark system is the notebook itself with Bluetooth connectivity, where there is a place to comfortably place the pen and the page-size paper. The notebook links to the smartphone or tablet on which we have installed the corresponding application.

The version we have tested includes space to include more paper, notes, accessories or even a smarpthone. There are other models of the case adapted to include, for example, an iPad Air 2.

Very simple to use worse also limited

As I've stated, easy operation is the best thing about this Wacom product. Just turn on the notebook and start drawing or writing. Once the sketch, outline or notes are finished, we press the center button of the notebook and in just 2-3 seconds the digitized image appears. That content syncs across devices and with the Wacom cloud, making it easy to share.

Once there we have in the application (for iOS and Android) a kind of player in which we can move forward or backward in the strokes or notes, in case we want to export content in a previous phase or in steps.

Something that we liked a lot is that it is not necessary to continuously synchronize what we write.Just press the button and see how it changes color (green and blue) when storing the content, which will be synchronized the next time we have the smartphone or tablet nearby. There is room for about 100 sheets waiting for synchronization.

The drawing precision is not very high, nothing to do with solutions of digitizing tablets or pencils with different pressure levels. Here the trace is recorded and nothing else. Also, you can't draw, scan, and then update, as each press of the Spark button interprets it as a new image. If you write on the same sheet already scanned, it will be interpreted as a new sketch when you press the button.

There is therefore no possibility to rethink a previous drawing or diagram. That work is now in the digitized version.

With a price of 159 euros, this digital notebook has among its potential audience those who are accustomed to taking notes, making diagrams or making simple sketches and drawings that they then intend to quickly share or complete digitally on a tablet or smartphone. In that case the Bamboo Spark works as promised and can be quite useful.

The product has been released for testing by Wacom. Can inquire our policy of relationships with enterprises

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