Belinea o.max, video analysis

The Belinea o.max is a compact desktop computer for both work and leisure purposes. We talk about using it as a MediaCenter. For this, it has an integrated digital television tuner, a compact design that fits very well in a modern living room, is relatively quiet and even comes with a remote control. Furthermore, with Windows Media Center, using it is a child's play.

We have analyzed the Belinea o.max on video in the area of ​​its function as a multimedia computer to connect to a television, and it has been successful. However, as we will discuss further below, it has left us halfway due to the lack of a hard drive of sufficient capacity to use it as a recorder with ease (160 GB is not enough space to consider it a digital recorder) and the appearance of high definition, absent both in the resolution offered by the integrated graphics card (1680 x 1050 pixels) and by not having an HDMI output, perfect to avoid messy cables.

If we liked it as a whole, for very general aspects in its two facets: work and leisure computers in the living room. Integrated WiFi connectivity or bluetooth are points in favor. Also the front USB port or the card reader, perfect for viewing photos directly on the TV.

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