BlackBerry 6, RIM shows us the dynamism of its new interface

Interesting video the one that offers us RIM directly from the WES 2010 that is taking place in Orlando (USA). In it, although many more details of the new BlackBerry operating system are not given, it can be seen how the new interface will work and, above all, how the brand tries to make its way in a less professional market, adapting and opening up to a type of much more varied client.

You just have to see the video to check it, dynamism in abundance, different types of user, music from Black Eyed Peas and, ultimately, a way of selling us a BlackBerry terminal that the brand is not used to:

As we see, it seems clear that the new interface is much more focused on touch control, multimedia playback or social networks, in addition to that, as we can see in the video, improvements have been made to the file organization and display system ( suspiciously similar to the Cover Flow of the iPhone), or different changes introduced in the dock, which features hidden functions and different screens with configurable icons.

For those who itch the bug to try it, as they assure from the brand, BlackBerry 6 will be available from the third quarter of the year, or what is the same, between July and September 2010.

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