BlackBerry 9720

In a moment so complicated for the Canadian company, in which it is debated internally what to do to get ahead, the movements in the product division do not seem the most appropriate, at least from the point of view of the markets where we have a more offer modern. Today we have the presentation of a new model: BlackBerry 9720.

We understand that it is the way to mount an affordable smartphone with the basic features that BlackBerry offers (BBM, BBM Voice, physical keyboard), but taking into account the evolutionary leap of BlackBerry 10, it is at least strange to see that terminals continue to be launched BB7 OS (7.1). Let's get to know her with the official presentation video:

In short, the phone has a touch screen of 2.8 inch (480x360 pixels), camera five megapixels - there is no front -, and a dedicated BBM button. Logically there is no lack of the QWERTY keyboard that gave prestige to the firm, accompanied by a trackpad.

Finishing with specifications, the main processor is a Tavor MG1 that runs at 800MHz, accompanied by 512MB of RAM, and a 1,450mAh battery. The internal memory is 512MB, expandable via microSD. The phone weighs 120 grams, and its dimensions can be seen in the following image:

BlackBerry 9720, price and availability

BlackBerry 9720 is intended for emerging markets, primarily in Asia, Latin America, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. The color is going to be played with: black, blue, pink, purple and white. In some colors the keyboard remains in black, forming an attractive double tone.

There are no details on its price, but we understand that it has to be well below the BlackBerry Q5, so as not to cannibalize sales between models. We will have it on the market in a matter of weeks.

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