Blackberry Bold 9790

The Blackberry 9700 has been one of the best-selling terminals of RIM. Now comes its successor, named Blackberry 9790 and equipped with some extras such as a touch screen, an improved keyboard or connectivity NFC.

Physically, the Blackberry Bold 9790 is almost identical in size to its fully tactile predecessor, the Torch 9860. In fact, its back inherits the aesthetics of this terminal, with the curved metallic part and a matte plastic finish. Its measurements are 110 × 60 × 11.4 millimeters and its weight is only 107 grams.

Blackberry Bold 9790, classic design and more

Up front, the classic Blackberry setup includes a full qwerty keyboard whose keys maintain the characteristic shape of the 9700 but now with better pressure sensitivity for faster typing.

Above the keyboard we find the four physical buttons of the Blackberry OS operating system, the optical trackpad and the screen, one LCD 2.45-inch touchscreen with 480 × 360 pixel resolution (pixel density is 245).

On the sides, the Blackberry 9790 has the usual button setup, with the volume controls on the right and the hidden touch-lock button on top.

The only external ports are the headphone input port, located on the left side, and the MicroUSB for charging and data at the bottom end.

Internal features

The 9790 integrates one of the new Marvell architectural processors ARM compatible with NFC. Specifically a 1GHz Marvell Tavor MG1. The memory RAM It amounts to 768MB, the same amount as in the Torch 9860. What does go up compared to that model is storage, with 8GB of internal space to which is added a port for MicroSD cards up to 32GB.

The connections that make up the Tavor MG1 range from HSDPA at 7.2Mbps and HSUPA to 5.76, to WiFi N, Bluetooth 2.1 with A2DP profile and EDR. Close the list of connections mentioned NFC, which is compatible with payment gateways and with all kinds of smart tags depending on the operator that adopts it, which, in the Spanish case, is Movistar.

Camera and multimedia

The camera on the Blackberry Bold 9790 is similar to that of the Torch 9860. Fortunately, RIM Yes, it has integrated autofocus this time, not as it happened in the 9900 camera.

The camera sensor is 5 megapixels with the aforementioned autofocus, face detection, geolocation and image stabilizer. The camera also has a flash LED and it allows to record video, although in this case the maximum resolution is only 640x480 pixels.

At the playback level, the 9790 can handle the most common audio and video files, although its screen size is not too generous to watch a movie.

Blackberry Bold 9790 battery, software and prices

The 9790's internal battery is a 1,250mAh whose autonomy on paper reaches 408 hours in standby (under 3G), 5 hours in conversation or 33 hours with the music player activated.

The 9790 has the latest version of the Blackberry OS (7.0) installed. Among its novelties we find the possibility of searching by voice, compatibility with the support NFC and with augmented reality platforms like Wikitude.

The Blackberry Bold 9790 is sold in Spain exclusively, for the moment, with Movistar. You have all the rates and ways to get it in our Xatakamóvil post.

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