BlackBerry Bold 9800, bringing together various technologies and interfaces under one device

RIM You don't want to be left behind with your range of Blackberry products. If a few days ago we were talking about the new Pearl 3G, today it's time to comment on the Blackberry 9800, its new product with a more professional cut and focused on more advanced users.

This new model will not only be the new head of the family of the entire range, the new banner of the company. The most interesting and striking thing about the Blackberry 9800 is that it will implement numerous technologies under the same product: Touch screen, optical trackpad and sliding keyboard, all on a device with a design similar to that of previous models (see the Bold 9700) that will bring the latest Company OS 6, with WiFi 802.11n HSDPA, in addition to many other features that have not yet been revealed but that we can take for granted: a capacitive type screen of about 3 inches with 320 × 480 pixels, keyboard QWERTY complete and letter by key, battery with autonomy of a few days, etc.

The video above is just 14 seconds in which the Blackberry Bold 9800 is seen in operation, and is clearly distinguished by its keyboard, screen and dimensions. A hybrid between BB Storm and a more classic BB? That is what it seems.

Now, use technologies as different as a touch screen and a keyboard QWERTY full slide, plus an optical trackpad, is to curl the curl, complicate things for the user. RIM He knows that competition in his sector is getting really tough, with manufacturers betting on touch interfaces with good results.

RIM You should also know that mixing different interfaces in the same product does not work, although it seems that they will not apply it in the Bold 9800. Or a touch screen or a trackpad, but both things will only complicate the user experience.

We will be watching to see how the market for smartphones, but it is clear that there are many products and manufacturers for a market that, despite being broad, is very demanding and sooner or later some will have to fall. Palm had it very raw until it was bought by HP, and its future is still unclear to us. Meanwhile, Blackberry had a loyal following, but now Apple is trying to eat some of its cake. What will he do RIM to avoid it? Because, to be honest, they are evolving little or nothing in their last two or three years, and we all know that this is not the right path.

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