Blackberry will act as an intermediary between mail and ThinkPad laptops

For some time now, laptops and smartphones go hand in hand. That is why we are not surprised that Lenovo and RIM have reached an agreement to work together to develop services and applications that unite their two star computers, ThinkPad laptops and Blackberry phones, if possible.

What both companies want is that the communication of the computer with the outside when we are in mobility happens through a Blackberry equipment. The first service will be Lenovo Constant Connect, which will allow emails Received on the BlackBerry are automatically paired via bluetooth on the ThinkPad laptop, even when the laptop is turned off.

If you have noticed it is about using the Blackberry as a USB modem but only for the subject of mail. It is undoubtedly the big pending issue when we have a RIM team: using your flat data rate with your computer. This agreement leaves us only room to do it with mail, but it is clearly focused on professionals and corporate mail.

In addition, they have closed the door to other manufacturers. Hopefully RIM will open that possibility to anyone who has one of their phones and a laptop on which they want to have email for convenience.

More information | RIM.

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