Blackberry Presenter, a good idea that works

As we discussed when we talked about RIM's presence at CES 2010, its only new product was the Blackberry Presenter accessory, which can only be valued when you see it running. And that is what we are going to tell you.

With a dedicated area of ​​their own within the Blackberry space in Las Vegas, many were the curious and users of smartphones from the brand that wanted to know if the promise of having equipment to use with a projector and to make presentations without a computer involved were true. And they could verify it. Blackberry Presenter works and it seems like a good idea.

Blackberry Presenter, you only need the mobile to make presentations

The operation of the Blackberry Presenter could not be simpler. It is a small accessory the size of a mobile phone that has a VGA input, a video input and a miniUSB connector to recharge it, since a point in its favor is that it does not need external power.

The Backberry Presenter connects to a projector and you're done. From the application installed on our Blackberry phone we can open PowerPoint presentations (only) and perform it by controlling it with the phone, being compatible with most animations and transitions of the Microsoft program. The presentations can be taken from a memory, from the phone itself or even the attachments of our email are opened.

The result is very good, with an instant response time and the advantage that if we leave the area where the phone is synchronized with the terminal via Bluetooth, the presentation remains static on the screen, it is not lost. And when we return to the zone of influence, the phone is automatically synchronized and we can continue with the presentation where we left it.

The Blackberry Presenter is available for $ 199, which in Spain has become 140 euros.

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