Blackberry Storm 2, we have tried it and finally they have it

After the bittersweet feeling that the original Storm left us, we really wanted to face the resolution that RIM It has embraced Storm 2 in its search for the physical keyboard on a touch screen.

And the Storm 2 that we have tested in Xataka has surprised us by the evolution for the better that the single button system. We can finally say that they have succeeded. Now they have managed to transfer the feeling of a physical keyboard to a touch screen.

Blackberry Storm 2, physical touch screen keyboard

With a design identical to the previous model, in fact it is one of the negative points that we put to the Storm 2, this new model must start looking at it on its screen. Or rather we should say by its physical keyboard on the touch screen, that it was the idea that RIM chasing from the original Storm.

If you remember, in the first Storm we were talking about a single button because the screen itself was a physical button. Pressing it would sink to give us the feeling of response that some miss on a virtual keyboard. However, at very low speeds the system worked but when we picked up the pace, it was very difficult not to fail because we had to wait for the screen to rise to press the next letter on the screen.

The writing in the corners was not very successful either, since the unevenness was not the same as in the center of the screen.

With Storm 2 they solved these two problems in one fell swoop. In theory it was easy to do it: put more pressure zones under the screen. And in practice they have succeeded. Now it is not a problem to write fast and the response of the touch screen when we do it has no equal in any other terminal on the market.

Is it faster to type on the keyboard of the Storm 2 or on that of a HTC with Android for example? Well, with how advanced virtual keyboards are, speed will be determined by our skill and practice. The advantage of the Storm 2 keyboard comes from the sensations we have when using the screen, which is very similar (you have to feel it to understand it) to that of using a physical keyboard.

Advanced but poorly visual operating system

The physical keyboard, the autonomy of the battery and the robustness of the operating system have been hallmarks of the equipment of RIM. That maxim has led her to her less professional models and more focused on the consumer market.

With Storm 2 they keep all those aspects. The physical keyboard we have already seen that they have managed to take it to a touch screen, so now it's time to talk about the operating system. BB OS 5 is simple, very powerful and works smoothly, very fast. We find practically everything we need, including access to the Blackberry app store, although it has a lot to improve compared to the options of Android or Apple's iPhone.

The interface is not particularly striking, and despite the advance in design, it plays below its rivals ... if we want spectacular Clear.

Battery, the great forgotten ... except in Storm 2

The third highlight of the Storm 2 is its battery. As always happens in the models of RIM, in the daily work we will not have to worry. The Storm 2 lasts all day despite working with push mail, sending emails in Gmail and making several calls.

And for those who were left wanting in the first version, in Storm 2 we can activate WiFi connectivity and complement HSDPA.

Xataka's opinion

RIM It has finally got a professional phone, reliable and guaranteed, for mobile workers who wanted a touch screen on their phone but without giving up anything. And although it has taken them a generation, with the Storm 2 they have succeeded masterfully.

It is not the most stylized terminal, nor the one that boasts a screen with computer resolution or the most spectacular interface, but it works and very well. RIM has been behind bringing the experience of using a keyboard QWERTY full to a touch screen and they have succeeded. They can be very satisfied with the work done.

Now it remains for the user to assess whether the efficiency, stability or the battery that lasts all day is worth it compared to the future of Android and the variety of models available, or to having 100,000 applications among which we find the flashlight that can be so useful. turn out if ... well, it really just takes care of battery drain.

That each one values ​​what they really need and it works for them. And Storm 2 works. Although if you like to test dozens of applications and give your phone more idle use, it may not be your model.

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