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The BlackBerry Storm, which you have surely seen in more than one advertisement on television, the Internet or on the same street, will undoubtedly be one of the most named terminals between now and the end of the year. And is not for less. At Xataka we are already testing it and we have carried out a video analysis with a touchdown in which, in addition to its appearance, we have focused on the curious form it has chosen RIM to endow reality to the touch screen. If you have the opportunity to try one, do it because surely you will not be indifferent. In the video it is very clear.

The BlackBerry Storm has been a surprise to many. I honestly did not expect the company that had always bet on the physical keyboard (QWERTY for more details) you will go to the fever by touch screens. But the market rules, and RIM could not do less.

The greatest fear of RIM With this new BlackBerry with a touch screen, it was losing control of what we wrote, which we have when using a traditional brand smartphone. But of course, implementing it was not an easy task. So Canadians decided to bet big and go from simple capacitive or resistive screens. Not even haptic technology was an option for them, who decided to create the giant button. Why xatakeros, the BlackBerry Storm It does not have a touch screen but a single giant button that surprisingly is not as unreliable as feared.

When we touch the Storm's touchscreen, the device realizes it, and selects the option, just that. Not with two light touches, as with the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, that function is activated. What we should do is literally tap the screen. It lowers slightly and activates the function. Although it seems a crude system, in the first impressions it has not given us any failure. And the feeling of activating a real keyboard is completely true. Personally I am satisfied with the feeling that haptic technology gives me (I really like that of the Nokia 5800), but that of the BlackBerry Storm is addictive.

However, when we go from using the general options to having to type a text, the feelings are not so good. For those cases I always choose to take the stylus, but the Blackberry Storm does not have one. It would not work. With the BlackBerry it is costing me to write relatively quickly, as I can do for example on the touch screen of the iPhone, I will tell you if I get used to it.

Of the rest of the options I liked the headphones with which it comes standard, the excellent resolution and brightness of the screen, in tune with that of the BlackBerry Bold (it also had its video analysis) and unlike many people, I do not miss Wifi connectivity because with 3G I have plenty.

We will talk about the size and weight, but entering a terminal with that screen and dimensions, a few grams or so, I do not think they should mark us much.

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