Bluetooth: alternative uses

When the mobile phone manufacturers designed bluetooth they did it thinking about the communication between the mobile and various accessories. In fact, most bluetooth products and services follow this line. However, as is often the case with new technologies (SMS was originally designed for operator technicians to communicate with each other), users have looked for other uses more interesting. This is how bluejacking and even toothing have emerged. The first is to send messages to other nearby users (the radius of action of bluetooth is about ten meters) who have their terminal with bluetooth activated. The toothing adds flirting functionality or something else.

The main problem with these uses is that they do not consume traffic, do not generate income for operators, and are therefore poorly developed. In fact, regular mobiles do not have the function of sending messages via Bluetooth. This functionality is usually supplemented by sending the message as if it were a contact card. Well, MobiLuck aims to change this by offering software available for all phones with Symbian operating system, which greatly facilitates the practice of these new urban sports. The software is downloaded from the MobiLuck website, either with the PC and then transferred to the mobile, either directly via WAP. Once installed it allows you to easily see who is nearby with bluetooth activated, it can even notify you whenever someone new with bluetooth approaches. It also greatly facilitates the sending of messages and the exchange of files via bluetooth. Finally, they are generating meeting points (hotspots) where to find other fans of communication via bluetooth. At the moment in Spain there are only two. Of course, be careful because the bluetooth consumes batteries at high speed.

More information on the MobiLuck page. They also talk about the different uses of bluetooth: Micro-servants and Prowling around the vine.

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