Rear buttons for DualShock 4, analysis: a simple but limited way to expand the possibilities of the PS4 controller

Just a few weeks ago Sony presented its rear buttons device for Dualshock 4, and it does something as simple as that: add a couple of extra buttons to the PS4 controller, making it somewhat more like unofficial controls that already have those two extra factory buttons. We have tried the little extra for the controller and these are our impressions.

Rear Buttons for DualShock 4 Datasheet

Rear buttons for DualShock 4

Input power

3.2V - 100 mA

External dimensions

101.2 x 4.5 x 39.4 mm




4096 pixel OLED


From 5 to 35 degrees


29,95 €

Installation and commissioning

It is extremely simple: it is a piece that connects to the remote through the headphone output and the EXT port next to it. The headphones can continue to be used, in this case connecting to the small hemisphere that makes up the body of this device. This is attached in an area where it does not hinder the hands and its weight is practically negligible, making it an almost "invisible" accessory.

In the body of the device there is a clickable LED screen, which in turn serves as a button, and where it appears which predefined profile is working, as well as the function of each button. There are three pre-programmed profiles, interchangeable with a simple press of the screen, which are (right and left button respectively) circle and x, triangle and square and right and left trigger.

You can also reconfigure any of the buttons very quickly, by holding the screen for a few seconds in the profile you want to change. Each of the buttons will present a rotating list with all the buttons assignable to the two buttons, which are all on the remote, including Options and the two sticks, and with the exception of the Playstation button, the touch screen and Share). It is extremely simple and intuitive, and the factory settings can be restored at any time.

Management and applications

The first feeling you have when you grab the remote with the add-on Connected is that it fits perfectly with the position of the fingers. The ring fingers of both hands are intuitively placed over the new buttons, making it extremely useful to locate a common action on that new button. We have found a couple of interesting applications for you, although getting used to the fact that there are two new buttons behind it can take a long time.

One of them is to replace the pressing of the sticks. In games like 'Doom', where it is usual to press the stick continuously during the game, which can cause some fatigue in the thumbs, the option of the back button is interesting. The other option is to replace the jump in games with a mapping of controls typical of classic platform games, that is, the action whose position is usually occupied by the X. Needless to say, it is not convenient to replace the triggers with these rear buttons, since unlike of those, these do not have a route with different degrees, but a simple on-off activation.

Otherwise, the remote is of no more use than perhaps providing a more comfortable area for actions than under normal circumstances, due to lack of space in the remote (such as the aforementioned invariably uncomfortable analog stick presses) are assigned to inappropriate buttons. . Its main positive aspect is perhaps the simplicity and immediacy of use: the three predesigned profiles are useful and allow you to start using it immediately, and the short time the screen stays on if it is not pressed makes the impact on the remote control battery be minimum.

Back buttons for DualShock 4, Xataka's opinion

The negative side of this add-on is obvious: it is late, perhaps because of the fashion of the professional controls for gaming, more sophisticated and configurable than a simple Dualshock.It is very possible that the controls for Playstation 5, still undisclosed, were designed with those models in mind, but as an intermediate point between a simple Dualshock 4 and a controller gamer High-end, like an Astro C40 TR or an eSwap Pro, this add-on is an interesting proposal.

Its price is not extremely affordable: it amounts to 29.95 euros, but even so, added to the cost of a Dualshock 4, it is still cheaper than a controller gamer professional. Another issue is that there are games that require two extra buttons: PS4 games are designed with the Dualshock 4 in mind and usually do not need add-ons, but it is true that a demanding player can find incentives in a couple of extra buttons to configure their I like the controls. More if, as we say, the design is excellent and the buttons are in a perfect position to be pressed without complications.

An addition, in short, that can somewhat stretch the life of the PS4, already entering the final stretch of its solo life cycle. If you want to play some of its classics, perhaps this device is an interesting incentive to experience them more comfortably, but it is clear that, in any case, it is far from being an essential purchase.

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