Broadcom releases a mobile chip that can record 1080p video and play 3D

Broadcom has put on the table of mobile phone manufacturers, virtually, a new chip for those who want to equip their future 1080p video recording terminals from 2011, which is when we will surely see them implemented in commercial equipment. .

The new chip, called BCM2763, uses the VideoCore IV architecture, which in addition to 1080p video both in recording and playback, gives the terminals that integrate it the possibility of working with content in three dimensions.

Power with consumption control

The chip can also be taken advantage of by camera phones, being able to work with resolutions of up to 20 megapixels and various functions to help take pictures, such as digital stabilization, panoramic shooting, burst photos or face detection. and smiles.

All the increase in power has not meant that the manufacturer forgets the basic thing in a portable computer: that the battery does not undergo improvements in performance of the terminal. Thus, despite being more powerful than previous models, consumption is better thanks in part to the 40nm technology used in its manufacture. That autonomy is 4-6 hours when we record 1080p video and 8 to 10 hours when we reproduce that content on the terminal itself. If what we do is connect it to an external screen, we can be playing content for 16 hours.

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