CellStik puts your mobile contacts safe

Again a product that we all thought was necessary but no one hit the right key.

CellStick is a Sparktech product that, for around $ 40 or so, allows you to have a backup copy of your mobile phone data such as the phonebook or text messages.

I use a Windows program for this, but it does not work for all phones, so this is a great option.

You only have to choose the CellStick appropriate to your phone model, since the pencil has a USB 1.1 connection on the one hand and, on the other, the respective one of your mobile phone model, and from there get used to periodically making backup copies that you can manage at your whim with your PC.

What we have not been able to find out, not even on the manufacturer's website, is whether there is a limitation or size of the data to be protected.

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