China just approved a coronavirus vaccine for military use: what we know about the CanSino vaccine

The Chinese military has been authorized to use the vaccine developed by CanSino Biologics and its own researchers from the research institute of the Academy of Military Sciences, according to the company itself. A month ago, the biotech company published the first data from the tests carried out in both China and Canada. However, this move was not expected. At least, not so soon.

Above all, because, although we know that China was already offering experimental vaccines to people leaving its territory, what we have are questions. From the information we have, it seems that the CanSino vaccine has not ended the usual route of clinical trials and, on the other hand, we do not know what its use will be.

We know next to nothing about this vaccine (and it will continue to be so)

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The Ad5-nCoV, the CanSino vaccine, is one of eight Chinese candidates who had managed to reach human trials. In fact, these tests were also being carried out in Canada, making them more secure relative to Western biomedical standards. However, CanSino's statement that "clinical trials demonstrated that it was safe and showed some efficacy" and the same lack of data suggest that it has not been studied whether its use provides any extra compared to what is already being done .

That is, there is no Phase III trial. And this is quite irregular because what it means is that China has approved its use for a year without having enough data to support not only the absence of rare side effects, but that its use is worth it. However, along with the vaccine from the University of Oxford, the Sinopharm vaccine and the one from the American company Moderna, the CanSino vaccine was one of the most advanced. The problem is that CanSino is hidden in 'trade secrets' to not give all the information that we would like to have.

For example, as Reuters explained, CanSino declined to disclose whether the vaccine was to be mandatory or optional for Chinese soldiers. This could lead us to believe that Army Use Approval may also hide a strange way of gathering missing information and trying to protect the Army along the way (since we know it is secure). Something that would help us understand the scope of the Asian Giant's movement.

So far, no vaccine has been approved for commercial use and only three of them are in phase III. What can we expect from Ad5-nCoV? In the short term, it will not become the vaccine we are all waiting for. Although this may help you achieve this: We must not forget that China has more than two million soldiers and the widespread use of the vaccine in this group could provide essential information for it to become a fully guaranteed vaccine.

Be that as it may, it is rare. In movements like this the limits of current research are seen. In general, the race to get the vaccine before anyone else is leading to decisions we would not normally make. For better and for worse.

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