The closure of schools spreads throughout Spain due to the coronavirus: these are the measures taken by the Government

Since last Wednesday the Community of Madrid and La Rioja suspended their classes in educational centers as a measure to stop the expansion of COVID-19. The other 15 autonomous communities and cities have applied the measure suspending teaching activity for the next two weeks, as recommended by the Government for all of Spain.

After a meeting of the Council of Ministers, the Government has recommended the closure of schools across the country. This has happened throughout the afternoon, one by one all the autonomous communities and the two autonomous cities have announced that they will apply the measure. About 10 million students will stop attending classroom classes starting this Friday or Monday (depending on each community). The suspension affects all educational levels, from nursery schools to universities.

Pedro Sánchez, President of Spain, in an appearance by COVID-19.

The measures of the Government of Spain to stop COVID-19

In the last hours, the Government has announced its shock plan of 18,225 million euros (approximately 1.5% of Spanish GDP), with which to reduce the damage caused by the coronavirus in Spanish society and economy. For this, a series of measures will be applied, the most notable being the following:

  • Price regulation for certain products: The Government will regulate the prices of certain products that are related to the protection of the health of citizens. It may also be the case that the Interministerial Commission on Drug Prices sets prices for some drugs.
  • Temporary leave for those affected: Citizens who are in preventive isolation or those who are infected will have time off due to a work accident. This means receiving 75% of the regulatory base, in charge of the Administration.
  • Dining grants for minors in vulnerable situations: Due to the closure of schools (and consequently the canteens) many minors in vulnerable situations may be left without adequate food, the Government will allocate 25 million euros to alleviate this problem.

  • Financing for autonomous health services: 2,800 million euros will be used to finance the health services of each autonomous community. Likewise, € 1,000 million will be allocated to a contingency fund to meet extraordinary expenses.
  • Social Security Bonds: For companies that have employees in discontinuous fixed contracts in the tourism, commerce and hospitality sectors.
  • Financing for the tourism sector: A total of 400 million euros through a financing line from the Official Credit Institute. They will be aimed at companies and freelancers who are affected by COVID-19.

The consequences of the coronavirus in Spain are becoming increasingly noticeable. Today the IBEX has fallen 11%, one of its biggest drops in history. On the other hand, both Spain and the rest of European countries are prohibited from traveling to the United States. Spain already registers a total of 2,277 confirmed cases, 55 deaths and 183 recovered patients.

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