Cisco will add WiFi and FaceTime support to its Flip cameras

When the iPhone 3GS appeared, many people gave up on the phenomenon of Pocket cameras, led by Cisco Flip models. The recording capabilities of the Apple product are not exceptional, but if they meet a minimum to share over the network, and most importantly, we could always carry it with us. The reality is that the first charge did not do much damage.

With the arrival of iPhone 4 everything changes, we find a product that accompanies us at all times and is capable of recording high-definition video with a proven quality, the first reviews confirm this, and some are even recording material professionally .

FaceTime and WiFi to relaunch Flip

I will not be the one who presumes Flip cameras dead, but if we see that Cisco itself surrenders to the evidence, we will have to analyze the situation: the reason for this news is to inform you that Cisco is going to incorporate WiFi connectivity in its cameras, at same time that it will support FaceTime, Apple's video calling system featuring with the iPhone 4.

Cisco is developing a complete platform based on FaceTime, but not only for its Flip cameras, but is preparing an application (available in the App Store) that can be used on the iPhone 4. It is also working on a technology applicable to the Internet that it will leave the iPhone Flash debate aside, mysterious to say the least.

Will this be enough to save Flip's sales? Difficult answer, but I think that if the improvement in sound and video is not important with respect to a mobile phone, it will make me carry another device on me. In short, dedicated systems are interesting when they have a plus to contribute.

Cisco has been very busy for a few days with the presentation of its Cius business tablet, and other domestic developments. The first Flip models that will debut the new possibilities will be ready for Christmas.

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