Who is telling the best story now is the comic and the manga: 30 recommendations to start

The comic has amply demonstrated its ability to become a medium and tool to develop fictional universes in which the limit is only in the imagination of its creators. However, this has not prevented some authors from preferring to rely on historical facts and figures or specific times of humanity as the context from which to build their fictions or, have opted for their reconstruction.

More than a marriage of convenience, what exists between the comic and the story goes through being a true immortal love full of memorable moments.At Xataka we have compiled an eclectic and varied list with 25 comics that stand out for brilliantly exploiting that link. A proposal whose intention is to encourage the exploration of the links between comics and history.

'Mandela and the General', by John Carlin and Oriol Malet

British journalist and writer John Carlin, a specialist in South African politics, teams up with cartoonist Oriol Malet to draw a vivid and vivid portrait of the years after Nelson Mandela's release from prison and his decisive role in ending Apartheid.

Mandela and the General (Best Seller | Comic)

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'La Balada del Norte', by Alfonso Zapico

Alzonso Zapico dissects in three volumes and more than a thousand pages the Revolution of Asturias, fundamental moment of the Second Republic. And it does so by means of a reconstruction as exhaustive as it is consciously impartial, adding a harvest of close and very human characters.

The ballad of the north. Volume 1 (Ear Chair)

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'The Great Naval Battles', by Jean Yves Delitte and several

Lepanto, Trafalgar, Midway or Chesapeake are some of the famous naval battles that the official cartoonist and painter of the Belgian Navy painstakingly recreates in a series of volumes of canonical, precious and ultra-detailed European comics that will make fans of military history bring down the White flag.

The Great Naval Battles. Lepanto

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'Mies', by Agustín Ferrer Casas

Not only is it a very interesting journey through the life and work of the architect Mies van der Rohe but, incidentally, it allows you to look into the socio-political changes in Europe in the first half of the 20th century and the evolution of architecture during those decades .


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'Irmina', by Barbara Yelin

Based on a true story, the story of a young German in Nazi Germany involves moving from the macro to the micro and masterfully alternates the intimate account in a broader context. A lucid and brave portrait of how personal wills are bent by events.

Irmina (Ear Chair)

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'36 -39 bad times', by Carlos Giménez

Carlos Giménez, one of the most relevant Spanish authors of the last thirty years, approaches the Spanish Civil War from the point of view of the common people, with great crudeness and drama and some classic ways of work. Add to your reading 'Todo Paracuellos, a devastating first-person portrait of the homes of the Francoist National Social Assistance Work to complete the devastating portrait.

Todo 36-39: Bad Times (BESTSELLER-COMIC)

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'300' by Frank Miller

Become a Hollywood blockbuster, '300' by Frank Miller tells the bloody battle of Thermopylae fought between Spartans and Persians. In it, the American author sacrifices rigorous recreation to make a graphic display that manages to infect the entire epic warrior.


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Philippe Jarbinet's 'Airborne 44'

In a total key to European comics "to use" and graphically irreproachable, Jarbinet offers elaborate and rigorous recreations of various war exploits of the Second World War with a measured tone that knows how to dose the epic.

Airborne 44. If You Have To Survive - Comprehensive Edition

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'Angola Janga', by Marcelo D'Salete

Winner of an Eisner Prize in 2018, the work places us in colonial Brazil in the 16th century where escaped slaves built an ephemeral kingdom in the junga. An excellently documented story marked by a powerful black-and-white visual identity, which serves as a great example of the vibrant yet little-known scene of new Latin American authors.

Angola Janga

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Berlin by Jason Lutes

The American Jason Lutes presents a trilogy set in the German capital during the Weimar Republic, developing an intense plot against the background of a turbulent period full of instability.

  • Vol.1 available for 23.75 euros on Amazon
  • Vol.2 available for 23.75 euros on Amazon

'Buddha', by Osamu Tezuka

The man considered to be the God of Manga undertakes throughout this ten-volume work that began to be published in the 1970s a free revision of the spiritual journey that would lead Prince Siddharta to become Buddha. The more than twenty million copies of the work sold in Japan are a good thermometer to measure its relevance.

'The art of flying', by Antonio Altarriba and Kim

The life of Antonio Altarriba's father serves for the screenwriter, together with Kim in the graphic section, to review Spain for much of the last century, including the Civil War and Francoism. A captivating work that won the National Comic Award in 2010 and features a continuation, 'The Broken Wing', which reconstructs the story of Altarriba's mother.


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'Endurance, the legendary Shackelton expedition', by Luis Bustos

In 1914, Sir Ernest Shackleton recruited a team of 27 men through a stark advertisement: “Men wanted for dangerous journey, low pay, extreme cold, long months of complete darkness. Constant danger. No return alive is assured. Honor and recognition in case of success ". The objective, to try to cross Antarctica. 'Endurance' narrates that epic.

Endurance - Anniversary Edition-

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'Ghetto brother, a legend of the Bronx', by Julian Voloj and Claudia Ahlering

The life of Benjy Melendez, founder of the Ghetto brothers, takes us to the New York neighborhood of the Bronx in the 70s, in an environment full of drugs and gang violence. Melendez, through her vision of a peaceful street band whose parties sought to smooth over rivals between rivals, would also sow the germ of hip hop music.

Ghetto Brother (Comic And Graphic Novel)

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'History of art in comics: The classical world', by Pedro Cifuentes

High school teacher Pedro Cifuentes carried out this didactic initiative through comics that has become a great little publishing phenomenon, which is already in the second volume.

Art history in comics. The classic world: 1

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Shinichi Sakamoto's 'Innocent'

All the bombast and excess that the Japanese comic is capable of in the service of a story that seeks to reconstruct the life of Charles-Henri Sanson, the most famous executioner in the history of France, executor of nearly 3,000 executions, including that of Louis. XVI. A meticulous and exuberant recreation of 18th century France.

  • Volumes 1, 2, 3 and 4 available for 8.07 euros on Amazon.

'The house', chronicle of a conquest, by Daniel Torres

The creator of Roco Vargas undertakes a very ambitious work that runs, in more than 500 pages, from the Neolithic to the 21st century in search of what in every historical moment the human being has understood as home. Architecture, history, dissemination and comic books hand in hand in a truly monumental work.


Today on Amazon for € 47.02

'The Spanish Civil War', by Paul Preston and José Pablo García

One of the most outstanding works of the prestigious hispanist Paul Preston, turned into vignettes thanks to the good work of the artist José Pablo García. A very complete tour of the how and why of the Civil War with a solid research work behind it that has as a natural continuation 'The death of Guernica', second collaboration between both authors.

The Spanish Civil War (graphic version) (History)

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'The war in the trenches', by Jacques Tardi

From the extensive bibliography that the French cartoonist has dedicated to the period corresponding to the First World War, 'Trench Warfare' is considered to be a true masterpiece and he manages, through snippets of stories of private soldiers, to make one of the Definitive portraits of the horrors of war.


Today on Amazon for € 17.10

'Las meninas', by Santiago García and Javier Olivares

The brand new National Comic Award 2015 is an exciting reconstruction of everything behind a painting that is no less exciting and enigmatic like 'Las Meninas' by Diego Velázquez, with the addition that its author turns out to be, even today, an artist on the that there are many unknowns and questions.

Las meninas (Armchair Earmuff)

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'The twelve births of Miguel Mármol', by Dani Fano

The life of Miguel Mármol, a fundamental figure in the revolutionary and indigenous history of El Salvador, narrated with verve and emotion by the Basque cartoonist Dani Fano. A very interesting work that claims the modest heroes of small countries.

The twelve births of Miguel Mármol (Armchair Earmuff)

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'The furrows of chance', by Paco Roca

The story of The nineThe company, made up mostly of Spanish Republicans, that helped liberate Paris from German occupation, has been for many years one of the most unfairly forgotten episodes in our recent history. Paco Roca honors these freedom fighters brilliantly.

The furrows of chance. Extended Edition (Earmuff Armchair)

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'Maus' by Art Spiegelman

The first and only Pulitzer Prize-winning comic book is the heartbreaking tale of the author's father as a survivor of the Nazi death camps. Spiegelman managed with 'Maus' to open paths and possibilities within the comic and, at the same time, tell a very hard story in a moving and special way.


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Barefoot, a story from Hiroshima, by Keiji Nakazawa

The terrible story of a six-year-old boy surviving the Hiroshima nuclear bombing is unanimously regarded as one of the greatest comics of all time. A universal comic about the human condition that impacts and excites in equal parts.

  • Volumes 1, 2, 3 and 4 available for 18.95 euros on Amazon

'Sally Heathcote, suffragette', by Mary M. Talbot, Kate Charlesworth and Bryan Talbot

Sally Heathcote is a fictional character, a domestic worker in the service of Emmeline Pankhurst, leader of the British suffrage movement who fought for the right to vote for women in the UK. The eponymous graphic novel perfectly sets a time and events marked by commitment and courage.

Sally Heathcote, Suffragette

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'Sex story', the first comic book sexuality story by Philippe Brenot, Laetitia Coryn

A work as ambitious as it is necessary that goes back to the very origins of humanity to answer some of the great questions about the evolution of sexual uses and customs of our species.


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'Dreamers, four geniuses who changed history', by Cedric Villani and Edmond Baudoin

Edmond Baudoin, one of the star authors of the French comic, joins forces with the prestigious mathematician Cedric Villani to approach the figures of four characters whose role in World War II and beyond would be essential: Werner Heisenberg, Alan Turing, Leo Szilard and Hugh Dowding.

Dreamers. Four geniuses who changed history (Armchair Earmuff)

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'Modotti, a woman of the 20th century', by Ángel de la Calle

Ángel de la Calle combines the exciting biography of Tina Modotti, photographer, actress and political activist present in one way or another in many of the key moments of the first half of the last century with her own research process, putting together a very complete puzzle.

Modotti. a woman of the 20th century

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'A woman from the Shôwa era', by Ikki Kajiwara and Kazuo Kamimura

The cartoonist and full-length author of 'The Divorce Club' or 'Story of a Geisha' teamed up with one of the most prominent manga writers of the 20th century to starkly depict post-World War II misery in Japan.

A woman from the Shôwa era

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'Vagabond' by Takehiko Inoue

Recommending a manga series with 37 volumes behind him and no end date in sight may be a poisoned candy, but it is that the recreation of the life of the legendary samurai Miyamoto Mushashi carried out by Inoue is such graphic waste and oozes a Authenticity and devotion so well executed that it is worth the risk.

Vagabond - Volume 1

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