With these lenses you can zoom whenever you want

Zoom lenses are not a new development. A little over a year ago the first version was presented, with 2.8x zoom like the new ones but with a major problem: you couldn't decide when to zoom. That first version of the technology offered increased vision all the time. Now with the second generation, that deficiency has been remedied and is now ready to be tested on real patients.

For now the lenses can not work independently and require complementary glasses in which is the system that activates the zoom on demand. This consists of a series of aluminum mirrors that magnify the image 2.8 times if the glasses let light pass through that particular area of ​​the lenses, or leave us with normal vision by changing the polarization. To do this, the glasses detect when we wink, the one that activates the zoom, and also the opposite, to return to normal vision. The system created by Eric Tremblay's team at EPFL in Switzerland, is able to know if the eye movement is a simple blink or a wink.

Another improvement implemented and that in fact allows them to be tested already in patients is the perspiration of the material. As they were contact lenses that occupied the entire eye, there was a problem for their correct oxygenation. Now, through better designed air channels, lenses can be worn longer and will no longer be tested on artificial eyes.

Although thinking about contact lenses with the ability to zoom on demand is very tempting, for now if destination is a group of people affected by macular degeneration, who lose part of their central vision, so being able to enlarge that area is key to improving their quality of life.

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