Against SMS fraud

The Civil Guard has located and dismantled in Seville an organization that (supposedly) was dedicated to the massive sending of SMS with which they tried to scam recipients. The scam consisted in the fact that in the text of the message they announced to the receiver that they had received an award, with the only condition that they make a call to an 806 telephone or send an SMS to an additional tariff number. The operation has been dubbed "Operation Rain" and five people have been detained so far, all from the same family.

Without a doubt we are facing spam of the worst kind. Almost everyone has a mobile phone in Spain and that means that with a massive sending of messages you find a sufficient percentage of naive and confident people. I know at least two people who have received messages of this type. Given this, two solutions have always been considered. One is what we could call "reactive", as this type of operation, fraud is detected and the police go and arrest spammers. Another would be proactive and would make calls and messages to the additional tariff number come by default, so that only customers who are aware of what they are doing access this service, since in order to call or write to these numbers the user should request it. expressly to the operator. An intermediate solution could be to force the operator to report the cost of the call, in these cases, in advance. They all have their pros and cons, but something will have to be thought about because I am very afraid that this type of fraud with mobile messages has only just begun.

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