Internet backups for Telefónica's mobile phone books

One of the things that makes me dread is losing my mobile. Not for losing the terminal, but for the information it has inside. I admit it, I don't have any copy of the phones on it. Telefónica has released a service called last week Copy Agenda that allows to make backup copies of the contacts and mobile numbers and keep it on the Internet. It is necessary that the telephone card be of the USIM type of 128K - GSM / UMTS - of the new generation, if not, consult 609 telephones from Telefónica's own mobile or 1485 from any other telephone. The cost of registering the service is 3 euros, although until December it is free, and it costs 0.5 euros to manually update the backup and 1 euros when it is automatic. If we lose the card and we want to make a copy of the contacts on the new card, it will cost 1.5 euros.

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