2013 harvest: we compared last year's smartphones, now at their best prices

In a year things change a lot, maybe in features ... or in price. After reviewing the best phones of 2014, today we look back a year ago and take a look at the best smartphones of 2013. Together but not mixed, and with the respective analysis and video for each one.

Models one year old, yes, but very alive. Authentic flagships launched in some cases a few months ago that are now at their best price, many below 400 euros. We invite you to continue reading to discover them.

Sony Xperia Z1

The second Xperia z It came maintaining a great design and surprising with its 20 megapixel camera. Sony Xperia Z1 (359 euros) is, despite being a year old, a worthy rival for current smartphones.

Sony Xperia Z1 review 8,8

Samsung Galaxy s4

How can we not talk about the Samsung Galaxy S4 (375 euros), a member of what is possibly the most recognized family of Android smartphones on the market. A sensational AMOLED screen and removable battery are its main assets.

Samsung Galaxy S4 review8.6

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

In the line of the Galaxy S, the family of Galaxy note It also has a 2013 model: the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (468 euros) is one of the largest screens on the market (5.7-inch AMOLED FullHD), and despite this it offers enormous autonomy and that S-Pen that makes it unique.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 review 8.9

Nokia Lumia 1020

For many Nokia continues to offer the best designs and finishes in the smartphone world, and the Nokia Lumia 1020 (370 euros) is its great standard. A spectacular camera and good performance and autonomy, the best option of 2013 with Windows Phone.

Nokia Lumia 1020 review 8,8


LG is in the race for the best smartphones of the market, and in 2013 his warrior was the LG G2 (329 euros). A good screen and one that for many is one of the best autonomies on the market, standing out with those unique controls on the back.

LG G2 review8.8

Iphone 5s

How can Apple's option not be on this list, the iPhone 5S (555 euros), a device taken care of in its details and, curiously, it is one of the smallest (4 inches). A camera shy in features but powerful in practice, fingerprint sensor and a design that many like.

iPhone 5S, Review 9.0

HTC One (m7)

The one that was once called HTC One (359 euros) and that now we must add the last name (m7) to differentiate it from the current model, we loved it for its design almost perfect and its, once again, incredible screen. A android different from the rest who knew how to position themselves.

HTC One (m7) review 8,7

Nexus 5

We continue with one of the most loved by users, since the Nexus 5 (305 euros) combines good specifications with a price that was unbeatable to start with. Google / LG limited some of its features (camera, autonomy, audio) to lower its price and make it a best seller.

Nexus 5, analysis8,5

Motorola Moto G

The only one that falls out of the high range of our list is the Motorola Moto G (165 euros), but of course it has earned it. A spectacular phone considering its low price, which is why it has been so haunted. A very tempting option if your budget is somewhat limited.

Motorola Moto G review7.7

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